Beautiful Lord


You know how when you write something down, it becomes real?  I don’t know.  Maybe you don’t, but it seems as soon as I write something down, it’s out there.  I’m accountable for whatever it is.  This is a good thing.  This can also piss me off and be a bad thing.

As I mentioned the real estate world is a little fickle.  Is that the right word?  Anyway, it can be good, bad & ugly all within the span of five minutes.  I’ve had a lot of deals that I thought were going to happen fall through because of nothing I’ve done, just people changing their minds or something else coming up.  You know, real life stuff.  The problem with that is is that a couple posts ago I wrote that I was and would be thankful for everything, the good AND the bad.  When in actuality all I want to do is hole up in a corner and feel sorry for myself.  I am still clinging to the hope that one or two of them will go through.  Actually, I’m not clinging.  I’m believing.  There is a difference.

The fact of the matter is is, as I said previously, I’m learning to be thankful for the good and the bad.  I’m learning that my plans aren’t always best for me.  But most of all I’m learning that God is always in control…even when I seem ungrateful.

So my prayer is whatever I try to be and whatever I am, that I am always thankful.

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  • Kathy

    Sometimes (more often than I would like to admit) I have to ask myself:
    Is he a sovereign God? Yes!
    Did He know this would work out this way? Yes!
    Has He promised ALL THINGS work out for my good? Yes!
    Do I want things my way or His? Ouch!

    Its a learning process…Godliness with contentment is great gain. 🙂
    Love Ya