10 Reasons You Should Maybe Throw Your Single Friends A Shower


***First of all, if you’ve emailed me at the address listed on the contact page, it didn’t to through.  I’m sorry!  It should be fixed now, though, so email away!!  Now, back to your regularly scheduled post.

I was cooking the other night and realized that I didn’t have several of the usual essentials around the house, and then I realized that the way that most people fill up their homes with all the essentials is by getting married and having a shower.  Anyway, I thought that this would be a fun subject to do a 10 things with. So I decided to write a post from the humorous single friend (me…yes I think I’m humorous) perspective on why you should or should not have a shower for your single friends.  Enjoy!

1.  We’re always borrowing your stuff.
“Um, hey, can I use your iron?”
“Uh, okay.  Why?”
“Well, I don’t have one.”
(I believe we’ve covered this topic before on why I suck at adulthood)

2.   Seriously, we go to all these showers just giving away blenders and crock pots and dish towels.  We need to see some sort of return on our investments here.

3.  I don’t have a toaster.  Who doesn’t have a toaster?  Of course, I also don’t keep bread around the house ’cause it goes bad too quickly.  I don’t eat bagels or frozen waffles anymore, I don’t have room, and I don’t really like toast, but honestly, that’s just not the point.  Really.  Who doesn’t have a toaster?

4.  I also don’t have cookie sheets, mixing bowls, pizza pans or an iron.  Then again, the only things I really need want of those are the cookie sheets and mixing bowls.  I did just go out and buy a can opener, though.  Buy as you need.  That’s my motto.  Why have cabinets full of stuff you don’t use?

5.  We have watched your children for you while you go out on dates.  I don’t need to explain further.

6. We are always looking for an excuse to hang out and eat cake and punch.  Why not throw a shower?

7.  “Hey, what are you up to tonight?”
“Well, my husband and I were going out for dinner tonight.  What are you doing?”
“Well, since you’re busy and everyone else is busy, I’ll probably stay home and watch a sappy chick flick and eat cookie dough and cry my eyes out.”
(Because who wants to be any different than a cliche)

8.  We’re too broke to buy stuff for our house because we’ve spent all our money on your showers.

9.  Have I mentioned there is nothing better than shower cake?  Oh, and punch?  Just sayin’.

10.  Because, really, what’s better than someone throwing a shower for you because you’re single.  They should make a card for it.  “I’m sorry your over 30, single and maybe just enough pathetic that you hang around married people and their kids all the time.  Here’s a toaster.”

Okay.  Maybe that last one isn’t in support of the whole idea.  And maybe you shouldn’t have a shower for your single friends, but your friends whether single or married need to be celebrated.  Celebrate, love and encourage each other (not just because we’re single) but because we love.  And if you do decide to start doing this and giving your friends gifts, don’t call it a shower…how does a birthday party sound?

Any more reasons you can think of that you should or should not throw your single friends a shower?

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  • Amy

    Love it lots. Since when do we really need an actual reason to celebrate?? Any excuse for some Aunt Ginny cake is good enough for me 🙂

    • esauproject

      Amen, sister!

  • The number one reason FOR throwing a shower/party/mexican fiesta/etc for my friend(s) is always because they are loved…muchly…not for who they will become because of marriage or having a baby or buying a house, etc, but for WHO THEY ARE–right now. I’m so blessed with the richness of relationship in my life…I never want to forget that & I never want to neglect to celebrate what God has created and what He has given me.

    (I have an iron. And some spare mixing bowls. I’ll share. And I might even throw in some shower cake.)

    • esauproject

      You know I’m all about the celebration, Dena, whatever the case. Makes me thankful that my friends never make me feel like what I was having some fun with 🙂

  • Dawn

    So, are you registered yet? We DO appreciate our Julie friend. I guess we fit into the married w/ kids category but you are still able to just drop by any time. Surely we can entertain you.

    • esauproject

      Yes. I’m registered at every really expensive place you can think of, Dawn! You guys never make me feel like I was having fun with, and I’m so thankful for you all!!

  • You could have a “House Warming Party/Shower” because you moved into a new house. Well maybe you didn’t, but that could be a reason to have a shower/party. Or it could be a “Get Julie a kitchen shower”. We really do limit the party/showers to very specific events. We shouldn’t do that. We should just celebrate people because they are special.

    • esauproject

      Agreed. I think we should just have a once-a-month party just for an excuse to get together and eat wedding/shower cake and drink punch and enjoy spending time together. My kitchen has everything I need until I start making something…then I just drive down to Mom’s!

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