10 Reasons I’m A Bigger Klutz Than You


I tweeted yesterday.  You know, on Twitter.  And although it was pretty clever, I hated that I decided to let the whole Twitter-verse, oh, and Facebook, know that I was a klutz.  The following is the tweet:  “If you’re looking for someone to make a faceplant look as graceful as possible, I’m your girl…” So you can guess that it was pretty easy to come up with today’s topic for the 10 Things post.  Enjoy!!

1.  The above-mentioned fall was pretty epic.  I was replacing a sign…on a hill…in ground that had been under water for a few weeks.  I honestly have no idea how it happened.  Before I knew it I was on my knees and then very slowly falling forward until I hit the ground.  My feet were at the top of the hill and my face was almost in the standing water in the ditch at the bottom of the hill.  No one was around, and the only thing I have to remember it by are the grass stains on my favorite pants.

2. I’m always finding bruises on my body that I have no idea where they came from.  The most recent was on the side of my knee.  I’m sure I walked into something, but it happens so frequently, I can’t remember what I did that time.

3. I frequently trip.  Over nothing.  I can fall flat on my face or just stumble a little and it will be my own goofiness that has caused it and nothing else.  It’s a gift.  What can I say.

4. My friends know that if we’re walking side-by-side, at some point I’m going to run into them.  Be aware if we ever go on a walk.  Just sayin’.

5. I have a scar on my chin.  It’s hard to see, but I can point it out to you sometime.  I was chasing my brother when we were younger, got my foot caught on something and my chin hit the corner of a wooden toy box.  (it started pretty early for me…probably even pre-walking days)

6. I’ve got a scar on my right shin right in the middle.  It’s like a little dent.  One day at basketball practice in high school we were jumping on and off wooden boxes to help with endurance and strength and probably whatever other superpowers it was supposed to give us.  Let’s just say I’m not a great jumper and I probably should have gotten stitches.

7.  I’ve got a scar on my left shin right in the middle.  Three minutes after the above episode I missed again.  I don’t think they use those boxes anymore.

8.  It’s happened several times where I’ve just reached into the oven to pull out the pan of whatever I’m making…without a potholder.  I’m not sure if it counts as being a klutz or just stupid, but I’m writing the blog, so my blog.  My rules.  Deal with it.

9. Let’s just say that you probably definitely do not want me to ever carry anything glass, antique or full of a liquid.  The worst is a glass antique full of hot coffee.  Worst.  Combination.  Ever.

10.  I can understand someone else shutting a door on your hand or something if they’re not paying attention.  But me, shutting a car door on my own hand?  Um, yeah.  Totally smashed my thumb.  We thought for sure every bone in it had to be crushed.  Three hours later I was playing basketball.

What about you?  Do you ever have klutzy moments?

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  • Do I ever have klutzy moments? Ha!

    1. They were still using those boxes when I was in high school. I killed my legs on those things.

    2. I’ve fallen through both our front and back storm doors. Both times required stitches.

    3. I hit myself in the head with a door at Brush Creek one year. Luckily I didn’t break the glass that time.

    • esauproject

      I knew we were kindred, Bethany.

  • I’m just as bad.

    I have a scar on my chin from splitting it open so many times while on my roller skates as a kid. 🙂


    • esauproject

      Thanks for stopping by, Duane!! The 10 Things are what I try to do on Fridays. It’s a pretty fun time trying to think of something to write about. Once I get the subject, the 10 things come a lot easier than the initial subject. The main thing is is that it’s fun!

  • Caligirl208

    I got a concussion and had to have a neck brace on while all I went to do was rest my head on my dresser while I laid on the floor