Gettin’ Down On The Farm


During the summer there is usually one day a week where I am the epitome of the stereotypical country bumpkin that people make fun of all the time.   Seriously.  These are the days that I mow my lawn.  You see, being as though I’m on my get-out-of-debt plan but still needed a riding lawn mower for my roughly 3 acres here, my sister and I decided to buy one together and just share.  The only downside to that is that she lives just under a mile away.

Now, I could call my dad, have him hook up the trailer to the truck, go over and get the mower and load it up, bring it back to my house, unload it and when I’m done do the same thing and take it back to my sister’s house.  This whole process would take probably about 30 minutes or more.  Or we could go the quicker route.  Which is me, driving over to my sister’s house in my car, getting on the lawn mower and driving it back to my house, mow my lawn and then drive the mower back to her house.

The only thing that would make it a little better story is if I somehow rigged up a cooler to carry a six-pack of beer along with me.  I only wish it were as cool as Pink riding around on her lawn mower in the So What video.  The part that I really love is when my neighbors drive by laughing.

Actually, it’s not that bad.  I honestly don’t mind it.  There’s not a ton of traffic and the only real embarrassing moments are when I’m singing along with my iPod and someone I know pulls up beside me and catches me in the act of putting on a concert at Madison Square Gardens all from my little lawn tractor.

What I love about it, though, is that it forces me to slow down.  I hear nothing but the mower and the music running through the earbuds.  I get to notice the freshly-plowed fields that I would just normally fly right by or watch the corn as it grows in the nice and even rows.  There are evening that the sun is just at the right level to just give a fantastic view…even if it is just a view of the weeds.

It seems like I go all-out all the time.  Sometimes it just takes a short lawn mower ride to make me appreciate just how much God has blessed me.

So while I know that not all of you are as cool as me taking a two-mile trip on a riding lawn mower once a week, but I do know that you’re blessed.  I want to know some ways that God is blessing you in your lives.  Share!!

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  • Anonymous

    Great post and imagery!!! I know it’s a sin but I covet your 3 acres of land – we’ve got a massive house crammed on a postage-stamp of property. BTW, do you hooked bungee cords affixing the cooler to the back of the tractor??? Just curious 🙂

    • Thanks, Tor! It’s probably a sin to rub it in, but it’s just 3 acres that I mow. There’s actually 40 here and I’m the only one on it 😉 Sorry. I just love it out here. I think I could love the city, too, though. I have thought about bungee cords. Maybe on my next trip to Wal-Mart…