10 Reasons You’re Going to Love My Birthday Week


Birthday Cake - Candlesphoto © 2008 Jessica Diamond | more info (via: Wylio)

1.  I’m giving away free stuff to ya’ll.  ‘Nuf said.

2.  Julie, what is this free stuff that you will be giving away, you ask?  Well, for the first six days I’m giving away books!  I’m working on getting some book recommendations from some of my favorite bloggers.  There are also some bloggers that I read that have written books.  Those will be what I’m giving away!  For the days that I can’t find a recommendation for (because I do everything last minute) I’ll think of something.

3.  But what about the 7th day?  God rested on the 7th day.  Can’t I?  Just kidding.  The 7th day will be my actual birthday, so what I’m giving away will be a surprise…to all of us.  I still haven’t made up my mind.  We will both find out on June 12, I guess!

4.  This week is going to get you out of your blog comfort zone…at least here!  That’s what I’m here for, you know, to give us all a bit of a challenge every now and then.

5.  Each day I’m going to write a blog post about the impact each blog has had on my life, tell a little about the books they’ve recommended, if I know anything about them, and then give it away.

6.  In order to be registered to enter, you will have to answer a question that I pose to you at the end of each post, whether it’s a completely ridiculous question or not.  Then you’ll have to share the link on Facebook and/or Twitter by clicking the buttons at the bottom of each post.  It’s that easy.  Oh, and I’ll be checking.

7.  You’re going to love the recommendations I’ve received so far.  I can’t wait to see what the others will be!!

8.  I’m going to be 31.  I will no longer be 30.  Now I’ll be a 30-something.  As of right now I’m totally okay with that.  We may be singing a different song on the actual day.

9.  I am looking for suggestions on what to give away on Sunday.  So far I’ve had to nix the idea of an iPad 2 or a Kindle.  Seriously, folks.  I’m trying to get out of debt here.  Maybe when I find a money tree…

10.  You know what I think the best thing I could do for my birthday?  Well, it’s probably going to involve a party, maybe a little cake, maybe a little ice cream, maybe combine them both, maybe a little wine.  Honestly, I don’t care what happens.  I just want to spend it with people I love, whether we’re just hanging out at our usual gathering place or whether we find something new to celebrate together.  Celebration is all about being with people you love.

So what I want for you to do for my birthday is to go out, find some friends or make some new ones, but surround yourself with people who you love and who love you.   And, seriously, let’s party down.

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  • You’re so cool! I hope you have a great birthday week.

    • Awww shucks, Bethany. You’re pretty stinkin’ cool yourself, dear! I’m going to have a blast! I can’t wait to start with these posts. It’s going to be sooooo fun!!

  • Tammi

    This is my birthday week too!

    • Yay! Only the best people were born this week. I promise.

  • Cathysnyder80

    what fun! wish i could party with you! we are having a small group cookout that day. so we will party in your honor. love you friend! Cathy

    • I wish you could be here, too, Cath! I guess you’ll just have to hang a big picture of me up at your cookout so all will think of me on my birthday then. 😉

      Love you, too!

  • Woohoo! Happy almost birthday!

  • Jamie

    I look forward to celebrating your birthday by winning something.

    • I look forward to winning Words With Friends to celebrate my birthday.