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Day 4!  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t.  You ready to see what the next blogger has in store for you?  Also, you still have a chance to enter in all the previous days’ giveaways!!

I was going to title this She Had Me At Hello, but I didn’t want it to get all weird up in here.  But seriously, I was hooked the first post I read of Lindsey Nobles, which hasn’t been all that long ago.  It’s another one of those blogs that I have no idea how I found it, but I’m so thankful I did.  When I read I Miss Me, I connected with what she was saying immediately, and I just knew that this was someone that I wanted needed to keep reading.

As I’ve read since then and then gone back and read some previous stuff, you can see her heart.  You can see it in the conferences she goes to, the fact that the crazy girl just ran a half marathon in San Diego to raise money for Compassion International and in this interview she did on another blog.  My favorite part of the whole interview was Lindsey’s answer to question #2 partly because that had me examining my own group of friends and being thankful that we’re all in different stages of life, but doing it together.

I think one of my favorite posts that I’ve read lately (she wrote it back in June of 2010) is called If You Asked Me.  I’ve often said here on The Esau Project that the best thing about my friends is that they know me.  I’m known to them.  I’ve also said that that can sometimes be the hardest thing about our friendships.  They know me.  But still it’s something we all long for.  I love her paragraph in that post that says:  “As hard is it is to admit at times, that is really what I’m after. To be known.

More than a successful career, more than abundant wealth, more than a room full of friends, more than a fancy new car, more the sleakest blog, and more than the loudest praise, I want to be known.”

Seriously, folks, she’s the real deal.  And a better woman than I.  She ran over 13 miles…at one time.  I would have ended up in the cardiac unit.  But, heck, I would have been in California.  You know me.  Always looking for that silver lining.

When I asked Lindsey for a recommendation, she sent me four.  I love it.  I’m going to share with you all of her recommendations, but I picked the one that I thought most fit the theme here at The Esau Project to give away.  The Me I Want To Be: Becoming God’s Best Version of You seemed to fit the bill just perfectly.  I asked everyone to tell me why they were recommending a book, and this is what Lindsey said about The Me I Want To Be:   “I love this book. Love this book. If you have ever wondered what your calling is for, this book is for you.”  She’s even written a couple posts about the book and her thoughts on it over at I’m Just Saying, which is her blog.  You can find them here and here.

That was all I needed.  Added it to my Kindle library as soon as I read that.  Because, really, whether we know it or not, we’re all looking to be the best version of ourselves.

Lindsey’s other recommendations were A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale by Ian Cron and The Hole in Our Gospel:  What Does God Expect of Us?  The Answer That Changed My Life and Just Might Change The World by Richard Stearns.   I personally can’t wait to dig in!

So in order to have a chance to win The Me I Want To Be, you have to do a few things for me.  You have until June 15 at 11:59 p.m. to comment and enter for the giveaway.  I will announce the winner on June 16 at noon CST!

First you have to answer the question below here in the comment section.  You can give me a serious answer or be a total smarty-pants.  I don’t really care.  It just has to be in the comment section here on the blog and not a comment on my Facebook page.  Answer it already.

Secondly, see those little buttons at the bottom of the post?  If you have Facebook or Twitter or any of the others, I’m asking you to share a link to this post.  Also make sure you put that I’m giving away stuff so your friends can get in on the action, too!!

Thirdly, you need to go “Like” my page on Facebook.  Okay.  That’s not a requirement, but I’d really like it if you did!

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.   Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what the new giveaway will be!! So answer the question below!  Like right now!

Other than run, how would you train for a marathon?

You can still enter the previous days’ giveaways!!

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


Walking on Water

The Poisonwood Bible

Grace of God

Visioneernig & Evolving in Monkey Town

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  • Not sure I deserve your kind words. Thank you so much for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. Happy Birthday!

    • I am. Your blog blesses me. Thank you, Lindsey!

  • Here via Lindsey’s Tweet! The Me I Want to Be sounds exactly like what I need to be reading right now. Which is probably what I thought when Lindsey posted about it originally and then promptly forgot about. As far as training, this is tough because I just don’t believe in running. However, I did train to hike part of the Grand Canyon so based on that experience, you start off small and then increase mileage and then pace. By the time you get there, you’re ready to go!

    • Oh, wow. Hiking the Grand Canyon has always been a dream of mine! How was it? Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Amazing! I’d recommend it to anyone. We did a 7 hour hike, about 2 miles down, on the Kebab trail. Then the next year we stayed on the Supai reservation, which had beautiful waterfalls.

      • I would love the waterfalls. Would it be too much to carry a semi-bulky camera?

      • There are a couple that are easy to get to, the trail is well laid out. But the further back you go, the more treacherous it can become and you’d need your hands free- I didn’t go on the treacherous trails!

  • Pray. I would have to pray. Seriously though, other than running…I suppose find other friends who were suckers enough to do it to help me train and to help me run it — isn’t that what Lindsey did? Great blog and Happy Birthday.

    • Praying that I wouldn’t die within the first half mile would be my first step for sure! 🙂 Everything is always better with friends…even if it is running. Thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wishes!!

  • Hmm. My answer would have to be a combination of things. Praying would be a great start, but I would also look at core stabilization, getting adjusted regularly and making sure I had the right shoes.

    • Leave it to the chiropractor to worry about the right shoes. Just kidding. I’m actually going to try and go get fit for some good running shoes this week! Crazy, I know!

  • JamieP

    I hope to accomplish a marathon one day in the super distant future. Gotta get through a 5k first =)
    Besides running, I would say lots of rest the night before, staying hydrated, but most importantly getting your head in the game. Running long distances seems to be a mental thing, at least for me. I get bored and start thinking about the aches and my lungs. This is why I always run with music. To keep me entertained =)

    • I think I would do a combination of music and audio books, depending upon how long I was running. Something to make me follow along an pay attention to anything but the running! Let me know when you do a 5k!

  • Since I have commented on the others, I thought I would comment on this one as well. I think for me I would have to start by eating better. WAY better! No more doughnuts for breakfast. No more ice cream dessert or two helpings of food.

    • I think that’s advice I need to follow to train to get up for work each day 🙂

  • E Sanders

    Crossfit baby!! I really really really hate running , but they make me do it anyway….and I’m so glad they do 🙂

    • I’m thinking more and more about Crossfit, E. I just hate getting up early and 99% of my appointments are after work. I kinda want it bad, though…either that or a pool

  • Cathysnyder80

    I would say prepare mentally. It is important to believe that you can do it. Also, core strengthening is huge!

    • Core as in P90X? ‘Cause that guy kinda drives me crazy 🙂

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  • ironically…i’m actually running a marathon on the 18th! and just sayin’ you love all the bloggers i love. love lindsey too.
    and what would i do/what am i doing? NOT run the last week or so. take time to rest. get my priorities straight and remember who i am running for and why i run. =)

    • Not run? In my small little brain that seems counter-productive initially, but the more I think about it, I would need to rest about two years before I started a marathon, so it does make sense!

      Aren’t all these blogs great?!

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