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There are some days when every word that comes out of my mouth is witty and clever and encouraging. Most days that’s not the case, though. I start to whine all throughout the day, and then a lot of the time my whining ends up on here. Sorry. That’s not the way it goes with Alece Ronzino, blogger over at Grit and Glory.

Over on her little corner of the web she’s walking with us through life. Whether it’s telling us her story, sharing her first garage sale experience with us or sharing her Monday Morning Confessions with us, this blog is something that I find encouraging every time I read it. But not only does Alece write for her own blog, she also writes posts for a collaborative blog called Deeper Story, which is where I discovered her writing.

On Deeper Story Alece tells about herself being in the middle of the biggest plan B of her life. She’s starting over. Maybe that’s why I like reading her stuff so much. While our stories are completely different in what we went through, I understand a plan B. I get trying to figure out who you are and where you’re going. I get being broken and seeing God’s grace and redemption all around you and moving through your life.

She’s way good at telling a story or sharing a memory. She’s even better at pointing it back to Jesus and trying to be a light with her words. AND She’s pretty darn funny, so you should probably follow her on Twitter. Plus she’s in the middle of another big transition. Last month she announced that she’s moving to Nashville…all the way from Oregon. Now, that’s a drive.

I’m thankful for her gritty honesty that sometimes probably isn’t fun to write, but it’s always encouraging for someone…and always for me, even if it’s playing the “other than” game, it makes me smile. I honestly can’t even come up with the words to describe to you how much I love this blog. Please do yourself a favor and go read it!

When I asked Alece for a recommendation, she gave me three and one author. I chose the one by an author that I just really like to read. Grace of God by Andy Stanley will be today’s giveaway. I just love the way that Andy writes. He writes like you’re sitting there listening to him speak. I like that.

It was hard to choose which book to give away with all her other recommendations. She recommended Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot, A Million Miles by Donald Miller and anything by Jodi Picoult. I can’t wait to dig in myself!

So in order to have a chance to win Grace of God, you have to do a few things for me. You have until June 17 at 11:59 p.m. to comment and enter for the giveaway. I will announce the winner on June 18 at noon CST!

First you have to answer the question below here in the comment section. You can give me a serious answer or be a total smarty-pants. I don’t really care. It just has to be in the comment section here on the blog and not a comment on my Facebook page. Answer it already.

Secondly, see those little buttons at the bottom of the post? If you have Facebook or Twitter or any of the others, I’m asking you to share a link to this post. Also make sure you put that I’m giving away stuff so your friends can get in on the action, too!!

Thirdly, you need to go “Like” my page on Facebook. Okay. That’s not a requirement, but I’d really like it if you did!

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what the new giveaway will be!! So answer the question below! Like right now!

Other than online reading, what is a blog?

You can still enter the previous days’ giveaways!!

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


Walking on Water

The Me I Want To Be

The Poisonwood Bible

Visioneering & Evolving in Monkey Town

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  • What is a blog other than online reading? I suppose it is a window into others lives. Some blogs are funny; some are painful. Some are discouraging; some I cannot wait to read because I know I will be encouraged.
    Love this series you are doing. I have successfully tweeted it and facebooked it.

    • Thanks, Tim! I’m having a lot of fun with this, as well. I know what you mean by having those that you just can’t wait to read. That’s why I wanted to share some of mine with you all! Be blessed!

  • wow, Julie. I am blown away by your words. thank you for this huge dose of encouragement to my heart!

    happy birthday, friend!

    • Thank you for you encouraging words every time you post! Thanks, too, for the birthday wishes! It’s making 31 seem a whole lot more fun 😉

  • Most of the time as a writer it’s a way for me to speak to myself and sometimes in that process it speaks to someone that reads it.
    As a reader of blogs they are encouraging, informative, and challenging. Alot of times they make me feel a little less alone in this journey.
    I love Alece’s blog…I love her heart that she shares so freely.

    • I think that’s a perfect description, Wendy. Isn’t Alece just so awesome?!

  • Lauramckeane

    A blog is a glimpse into someone’s life…their thoughts, feelings, tears and triumphs! Gives me hope and strength and perseverance! I love reading Alece’s words, although I haven’t ever shared that with her! I will miss her dearly!

    • I’m sure you’ll miss her! One awesome thing about this crazy thing we call the Internet is that we can always keep in touch whether through blogs or email or all of the other crazy social networking stuff we have available. Be blessed!!

      • Lauramckeane

        So true Julie!!! Have a wonderful day!

  • Linked over from Alece’s tweet.

    I’ve “known” Alece for over 4 years now and have loved her heart from day # 1.

    She, along with a few other blog friends, was there for me during the darkest storms of my life when my Daddy died back in 2008.

    Her transparency encourages mine.

    And she allowed God to use her as a catalyst for my one word adventure with God of being bolder about my faith and testimony and God has forever changed me in the process.

    Okay now on to your question 🙂

    For me blogging was the only place I could openly and share my journey with Christ and how He had changed my life when I first began to follow Him after being a Muslim for 24 years. It was a place to connect with others believers and grow in my very early walk with God.

    Over the years a blog (reading and writing) has taken on different meanings for me: it is a place to worship God, it is a place to share struggles so that others can encourage and pray for you, it is a place to testify to God’s redemptive power, it is a place to connect with other people no matter where they are geographically, it is a place to share gifts and talents that may benfit others and expand God’s kingdom, it is a place to laugh, cry, ponder, and discover.

    Blessed to have visited you. I will tweet your link but my a/c is protected so you may not be able to see it. It’s 20BOLD11 just in case 🙂

    • Thank you, Ayla! I love it that you’ve had a community to grow and walk with through this journey. That’s what it’s all about. Knowing each other and knowing our hearts. You have a great story, and I pray God continues to bless it every day!!!

  • A blog is stories. A series of little stories that tell a big story. Personal stories to help us see the world through someone else’s eyes. And since I love stories, reading blogs is one of my new favorite things to do!

    • “A series of little stories that tell a big story.”

      One of my favorite things to do (hopefully without sounding narcissistic) is to go back and read my old posts. I love seeing that change from who I was to who I am now. It’s all part of a bigger story! Thanks, Andrea!

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