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As  you can tell, I kind of took a break last week.  While I was still promoting and giving the books out, I reposted some of my previous posts.  To be perfectly honest with you, I needed it.  I worked some crazy hours and just had some awesome interactions with people, and by the time I got home every night I was beat.  While I do want to apologize for the break, I am thankful that you kept coming back to check things out.  Hopefully for some of you who were new here, you got to catch up on some of my history through the older posts.

I was driving around town running some errands a couple days before my birthday trying to figure out what I wanted to put on my 10 Things list and this thought came to me.  And it kinda surprised the heck out of me.  All of a sudden my thought was:

“When I die and I’m standing before Jesus, I don’t want Him to say, ‘Well, you did good, but I had so much more for you.’  I want him to say, ‘Well done.  That was exactly what I had planned for you.'”

Which, the thought in itself should have made me feel really good.  Hey, God’s speaking to me.   This is awesome.  And then I realized what He was telling me.  Um, there’s more for you.  I’ve got bigger and better plans and you’re settling for second best.  You’re trading your birthright for a bowl of soup.  You have no idea what I have planned for you and you’re already holding back.  Don’t do this.  You’re better than this.  I know.  I made you.

I was explaining to some friends the reason for the name of my blog.  One of the people on the forum sent me and email with a link to download some talks from an awesome conference last year.  One of my favorites, Andy Stanley, did his talk on Esau and how every day we trade the future that God has for us for a figurative (or sometimes literal) bowl of soup.

This blessed me in a couple ways.  First of all for a person I’d never met to just give me a gift like that, that was totally unexpected and just incredible.  What’s cooler is that I had had it in my shopping cart the night before and decided not to buy it for some reason.  Love it.  Secondly, I mean, really.  Who wouldn’t be excited that Andy Stanley was thinking like them…er….wait.  In all seriousness, though, I recommend it.  It’s a fantastic keynote and conference opener.  You can check it out here.

But here’s the point I really wanted to make today.  Sorta okay isn’t where I want to be.  I don’t want to be someone that will be remembered as “Good Enough.”  I want to live a life so that if people decide to make a movie about it, I’m not bored to death watching it.  And it’s not just the things that I want to do.  It’s how I want to do them.  Healthy.  Happy.  Fulfilled.  And, of course, always ready to celebrate something.

What about you?  Are you tired of just living in mediocrity?  And if you’re not living in mediocrity, how’d you break the mold?  I’m interested in your thoughts!

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    Where to begin? Great post. I am new to your blog but I have really been enjoying it. I like the thoughts in this post. Too often we limit God by having low expectations. God wants for us, so much more than we could ever dream of (Eph. 3:20). At the same time, what I have been struggling with lately is am I going to be faithful in the little things of life, in the mundane things? We all want to do great things. But we must be faithful in the little things before God will use us for big things. So it seems to me, we have to live with a tension — on one hand expecting and wanting to do great things for God, and on the other hand, being content and faithful in the small, everyday things.

  • Trying to read this while Ben is jumping around me probably doesn’t lend itself to a thorough reading. However, I think I can say that I am beginning to not live in mediocrity. How did I do it? Stop dreaming my dreams and listen God’s dream for me. And 1 BIG way I did that was leaving the country and spending a week at an orphanage in Honduras. I totally plan on going back next year and maybe some more years after that.

    • Go back next year and every year that you can! Glad you’re back home, though!!

  • I’ve been dealing with this exact theme over the past couple months. I’ve been living a lukewarm life of inaction because I’ve been waiting for God to hand down a clear map, or blueprint, or letter with exact instructions. The problem is: those are never coming. We aren’t created to be God’s puppets! We’re created to be little Jesus’es: thinking, walking, acting Jesus’es! Faith without action is a colossal waste of time. So I decided just to do every little thing that God puts in my head. EVERYthing. I’m feeding the homeless on Saturdays. I talk about Jesus and church at work. I adopted a Compassion kid. I’m trying to stop spending so much money on myself. And I’m actually praying and reading my bible every day. Let me tell you, life is exhilarating and I never want to go back to mediocrity. 😀