Be Present


I’ve gotta admit I love the theme of this year’s Catalyst East conference in Atlanta on October 5-7.

Be Present.

And I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty stinking excited that I ordered my tickets for it yesterday!!!  This is my, Congratulations, Julie, you’re finally out of debt, gift to myself.  That probably should have all been hyphenated, but I’m too tired to hit that button all the way up in the corner.  Anyway, you need to watch this video and click here to go check out the site.  Seriously, with a lineup of main speakers like this and a lineup of lab speakers like this, I don’t think there’s any way I will not enjoy this and come out revived and refreshed and renewed and however many more adjectives I can think of.

So here’s what I think you should do.  I think you should watch the movie below.  And then I think you should buy your ticket.  And then I think you should have coffee with me one day while we’re there.  Would you?  Be warned, though, once I have coffee in me, I’ll be way more excited than I already am!  That means lots of exclamation marks!!!

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  • Debbie Legg

    All of those great conferences seem to be during farming season… *sigh* 🙁 BUT, who needs a conference for us to have coffee? 🙂

    • I’m game. Coffee house is just half a block away from my office!

  • Anonymous

    Have fun – it looks like it’ll be a winner, wish I could find the vacation time from work (grrrrr…)

    • I’m pretty excited. I told my boss I had booked it, but would only take the necessary days. She told me to take the whole week. 1. I’ve got an awesome boss. 2. Maybe I need to take more vacation… 🙂