10 Things of Random


It’s been one of THOSE weeks here in Julietown.  And when I say one of THOSE weeks, it’s just that there was a LOT of stuff going on.  Hard to keep track of for those of us who weren’t blessed with the gift of organization.  Anyway, on to the list.

1.  I started my Couch to 5K program this week.  This morning was the third day of week one.  On how I feel about it?  I’d classify myself as a Reluctant Runner.  Want to know what that means?  Just check out these guys.

2. While I love being a real estate agent, I loathe dealing with government banks.  I love my little hometown banks, but the big ones?  They’re horrible to deal with and almost never get anything right.  Take my advice.  When it comes to a home mortgage, bank locally.

3.  I registered for Catalyst Atlanta.  I’m so stinking excited.  Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, Joel Houston, Jon Acuff, Francis Chan and a ton of other awesome speakers.  Now just gotta find a hotel…and a car that will get me there!

4.  I really like gadgets.  I have a feeling that me buying this watch will make me want to run more.  And even it if doesn’t, at least it will make me look like more of a runner.

5. All this running makes me hungry for a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I’ve always been a little counter-productive.

6.  I totally need new running shoes.  And not just because I want them either.  Mine are actually falling apart (not because of any prior running I had done).  Maybe that’s why I’m so sore.

7. Did you know you could get an Angry Birds extension for your Google Chrome browser?  I just found this out.  Hello, unproductivity.

8. I beat my friend Chet in a game of Words With Friends.  That will probably never happen again.  I took a screenshot for encouragement in my times of defeat.  I’d like to share it with you, as well.  Sorry.  Had to make it big enough to where you could see the score.  If you’re looking for a good match, challenge him!  Note the 77 pt spread.  It was epic.

9. I think I’ve finally discovered the meaning to Mellencamp’s Hurt So Good.  That is, if he’s talking about your muscles being sore after starting to work out after a long absence.  Why wouldn’t he be talking about that?

10. I actually am enjoying the morning runs, especially this morning.  72 degrees, baby!  However, they’re making me walk like I’ve got a corn cob stuck up my hind end, which isn’t really attractive.  I guess in the end it will be worth it when I cross that finish line at our local 5K in September!

That is some of the randomness that is going on in my brain this week.  What’s up with you guys?  The randomer the better!

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  • Great job with the running, hilarious about the corn cob! ^^

    • It’s getting better! I think by the weekend I’ll be walking fairly normally! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • So with me right now, I’m having trouble focusing on what God wants for me and not what I want for me. I know that I am right in the middle of his plan for me for the next school year. I know there are things at church I am to accomplish and things at my job I am to accomplish and I need to be preparing for those. However, I just can’t seem to focus on those. I’m focusing on what I would like for me.

    And somehow saying all this on the world wide web seems to be a good idea. Or maybe it’s because I know you (and probably your readers). I know that I can share a struggle and have someone genuinely pray for what is best for me. Thanks!

    • You’ve got it, friend. Prayers all around you!