Diving In


The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds for the first time in a while it seems.  The fresh life of summer is slowly creeping back into our veins.  It’s been a long rainy season, and the sun is a welcomed sight.

It seems like I’m a little more sluggish than normal on a rainy day.  So this morning as the thunder was rolling and the rain was falling at 5:30 I found it pretty easy to not get out of bed and start week two of the Couch to 5k.  But by 6:00 it had stopped and I no longer had an excuse.

The road, uneven as usual, was wet with a fresh rain, and as I started my run up the hill I was reminded again why I am totally a Reluctant Runner.  I really thought that maybe just after a rain it would be prime running.  I don’t think I’m ever going to have a prime running day.  I just knew I was going to increase my distance this time.  I didn’t.  I did, however, increase my mile running pace significantly, so that’s a bonus.

I’m actually not writing this to complain about the running aspect of, well, running.  It may not seem like it, but I’m really not.  I really just want to celebrate a small victory.  And it may seem very insignificant to you all, but today, it was huge.

I got out of bed.  And I ran.

It wasn’t exciting.  It wasn’t fun.  I’ll probably have shin splints (two words I had hoped to never hear again after high school basketball), and it’s entirely possible I’ll be sore again all week. I was hot and sweaty and stinky.  And Wednesday is going to roll around, and I’ll probably not want to get out of bed again.

But there’s something about seeing the sun.  Whether it’s peeking out from behind a cloud or coming up over the eastern horizon, it just makes me want to dive right in.  It gives me an energy that I don’t have when it’s hidden behind the clouds.  I forget, though, that even on a cloudy day the sun is still there.  It’s still illuminating everything.  You just can’t physically see it.

God has placed that same energy within us.  Whether we want to get out of bed and go out into the day doesn’t matter.  Our hearts still beat.  Our lungs still breathe.  And we exist.  What we do with this existence is up to us.  Do we create energy, or do we encourage sluggishness?

What about you?  Are you illuminating?  Are you casting shadows?  Who in your life energizes you?  How do you handle those that cast shadows?

Tomorrow I’ll sleep in a little longer.  I’ll go to work, and then I’ll go to boot camp with my friend, Nancy, because she asked me.  I’ll dread it, but I’ll do it.  And then I’ll get up on Wednesday and start running uphill again.

There’s something about friends asking and encouraging, isn’t there?  Since I let people know about running the 5k in September several others have joined with me.  I’m not sure if it’s for encouragement or just because they want to prove it to themselves, but I’m thankful for that energy they’ve brought to me.  I won’t not run because I know they’re running, too.

Right now I have about a dozen friends joining in.  They may not run the 5k in September with me, but they’re getting in on the program.  We’re training together.   Not at the same time or at the same place, but we’re doing this together.

So here’s my challenge to you.  Would you join with me?  I know we’re not all together, and, actually, I’m not even asking you to run.  It would be great if you did, but would you encourage your friends who are doing it?  And, you know what, if you’re in Fairfield, IL and you want to run a 5k with me in September, would you do that?  I’d love it.  We can even make T-shirts.  What do you think?  You ready to dive in?

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  • Cathysnyder80

    when is the 5k in september? i’m doing one in charleston the end of august (my first one totally running!) so, i would be interested in running with you in september to keep me in shape for the october 1 race for the cure! i’m on week 6 here. you can do it friend!

    • It’s during the Fall Fun Fest. I think it’s usually about the middle of September. I was thinking that if I did it in September, I’d be able to run with you in October, so I think that works out perfect!!! Plus, that’s right before I leave for Catalyst Atlanta! Talk about a good vacation week 🙂

  • I think what you are doing is awesome! I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  • Bleh, I don’t know why people equate running with being in shape. I do several Les Mills exercise classes throughout the week at my Gold’s Gym. I’ll tell you, their Sh’Bam class is exhilarating! After class I always exude that energy that you talked about! Heck, sometimes just a bike ride in the sun is enough to make me feel full of spirit–or, maybe, the Spirit! 😀

    • Oh, I have no idea if I’ll be in shape. All I know is that I should be able to run 3.1 miles. I went to a boot camp last night that kicked my butt, but felt great afterwards! We don’t have any gyms around here that offer anything like that unfortunately 🙁

  • I doubt I will be anywhere near you in Sept., but I am in. Keep it up. You dread it right now, but before long, you will suddenly realize that you have trouble living without it. 🙂 KEEP IT UP!!!!!

    • Thanks for joining in, Tim! I’m actually kind of liking it. And thanks for the encouragement!

  • Nate

    A 5K during the FFF? Is this new? If the payoff is an Elvira corndog, I’ll fly home and run this with you.

    • If you fly home and run with me, I’ll buy you all the Elvira corndogs you want!!