Nothing Like Persistence


I was sitting in the drive-through at a restaurant the other day.  It was a beautiful day.  I was in a good mood, and I wanted a drink.  So here I was, sitting in line, checking out my Twitter account on my phone and just waiting my turn when all of the sudden one of the workers walks out the back door and heads to her car.

Now keep in mind, this is probably not a rare occurrence nor should I have noticed it, but there was something “special” about her as she was walking to her car.  I’m not sure the circumstances, but she had two bandages on her left arm, one at the elbow and one at the wrist, and one bandage on her right arm kind of in the forearm area.  And I’m not talking Band-aids.  I’m talking full-on gauze pads. The one on her elbow was hanging off looking like it was just ready to completely detach any second and the one on her right arm looked like it was ready to be changed…like seeping through.

She walked out to her car.  And then came back.  Not only did she come back, but she came back with her prescription from a pharmacy in hand.  I can only assume it was some sort of cream and/or pain medicine.

So here I was, faced with a decision.  Do I pull out of the line at the drive-through or do I go ahead and get my drink?  I decided that since I was only getting a drink that day that I would go ahead and go through with it.  What’s the chance that there would be gauze strips in with my drink?  Plus, I was almost through the line by the time she got back in the restaurant, so she wouldn’t have been fixing my drink anyway.

As potentially gross as the situation was, I gotta give the girl props.  I don’t know if she burned her arms on some of the equipment in the restaurant or was drug behind a car for a while, but she showed up at work.  She was persistent, and she was bound and determined to finish her shift.  Go random restaurant worker.  I admire your persistence.  But please go home next time.

Now, I’m not saying that there are some times that you need to push through.  Take last night, for instance.  My friend talked me into going to boot camp with her while she was in town on vacation.  So as I was doing burpees and mountain climbers on the pavement, it really took persistence not to pick up that 10-pound bar and swing it at my friend and then go after the trainer, too.  I had to push through that feeling and just get it done.

Persistence.  Endurance.  Strength.  Love.

These are all essentials in running a race.  In living a life well lived.  But I used to think that they were things that could be established overnight.  Maybe not physical strength or endurance, but spiritual.  I was wrong.  There is nothing in this life that we can conquer without all of those above.  Absolutely nothing.

My prayer for you today is that you practice.  You train.  Not just to live a healthy life, but to live a life that one day you want to tell your kids about.  The obstacles that you have and will overcome are part of your story.  We’re given what we can handle.  Trials are to strengthen us and help us build endurance.  Love your way through them.  Besides, when you get to the end of the trial, you don’t want to have to tell someone that you gave up because you weren’t strong enough because of lack of training on your part, do you?


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