10 Reasons I Love Small-Town Living


I hope by now you’ve read last Friday’s 10 Things post.  If you haven’t, click here and find out why small-town living can be frustrating at times.  All in all, I do love living in a small town.  And here are 10 reasons why!

1.  I’m sure in a city you can be 15 minutes from  everything for the most part depending on traffic.  I live 15 minutes from just about everything and this is my view out my back door.  Be jealous.
2. I spend less money because it’s such a big deal to go to a mall.  Ultimately this has helped me reach my debt-free goal.  Bonus.

3. Everyone knows everyone’s business.  Yes.  I know I posted this as a potential negative last week, this can also be a very good thing.  Seriously, my town really knows how to pull together when they know someone is hurting.  They’re quick for a fundraiser and a pork burger sale.  I’ve seen crazy amounts of money be raised in just a few hours in order to fill a need.

4.  It’s harder to vanish without someone noticing.  Not that I intend on vanishing, but when my face doesn’t show up in a few places that it normally does, I’ll get a call to make sure everything is all good.  People notice when you’re not there.

5. I know that I complained that we had a small selection of restaurants.  They are few, but they are mighty.  I love it that by going to them, I get to help support my friends and their families.  And I love not cooking and eating food that’s better than what I would cook.

6. While I do enjoy Starbucks, we have an incredible coffee shop just a half a block from my office.  I walk through the door, they greet me by name and then start fixing my drink before I even have to say a word.  It’s like when Norm walks into the bar on Cheers…sort of.

7. This community has supported my family’s business for 20+ years.  Seriously.  We grow pumpkins and gourds and squash, and this community loves to come out and just enjoy a day on our farm and pick their pumpkins for Halloween and fall decorations, and I love them for it.

8. I can walk a block and it take me 30 minutes because I keep running into people I know and talk to them.  Yes.  There are days when I’m not really in the mood to talk, but see Wednesday’s post.  Relationships are key, folks.  It’s harder to avoid them in a small town.  So do what Jesus did.  Go out among the people and relate.

9. Several years ago during harvest-time my grandfather passed away.  He and my dad always did the farming together.  Dad was running short on time trying to get everything done when the neighbors called and brought their combines and finished the harvest for my dad.  Community.  Helping people.  It’s what it’s all about.  And I am so thankful for it.

10. I love this little town.  Whether I’m eating fish at the Firemen’s Fish Fry to help them with their funding, buying pork burgers to help send a young woman to China for the summer or giving money to support the Fairfield Mules (yes, that’s our mascot), I love this little town.  I get to see people.  I get to help people. And I get to love and support people all from a close distance.   When I go to church, I worship with people I know and love.  And when we serve, we serve people that we know and love.

I guess living in the city or living in a small town you’re always going to get what you’re looking for.  I’m a person that’s going to seek out community rather than sitting by myself or wanting to vanish.  I like to be social, and I can do that a whole lot less expensive here in my hometown than I could in a city because there would be so many more options for me, and I don’t do well with lots of options!

So what about you?  What do you like about living in a small town?  What do you like about living in a city?

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  • My faith in your home is restored. The one thing I miss about living in a small town is the quiet. Sometimes you need silence and urban living does not suffice. But then I drive 10 feet to Target and feel better.

    • Glad I could restore some faith. I used to go to Target for therapy. Ten years later (ok maybe not not that) I’m still paying off that credit card. The silence is the best part out here, I’ll give you that. But then there are the times I crave busyness and chaos, so I go to my friend’s house with 3 kids. That usually does the trick 😉

  • Sarah

    Love my small town too. I’ll take the negatives aspects of it over a city or any other place in the world any day. This is home and I like it 🙂

  • Bethany Meeks

    I like that in a small town I know who I can trust. When I need things here I don’t always know who to call.