Honestly, today I feel uninspired.  As I type this, though, my thoughts are, “How can you be uninspired living in all that God has created for you?”  But the sad and honest truth is that I’m uninspired.  Every day it’s kind of the same.  I wake up, go for a run or not, go to work, come home and write and/or watch TV.  I don’t get out some days.  Part of this is because I’m out in the public sector of work, and most nights I just really want the silence.  Another part of it is is that it’s stinking hot.  But I think the biggest part of it is that I’ve let myself become accustomed to God’s creation.

By accustomed I mean, honestly, I’m bored, so I don’t even try to get out there.  But then there are the days when I’m reminded just how awesome He and His creation are.
I walked out the door for a run last week and was welcomed by this.  It was beautiful.  And then this weekend I got to meet a new niece.
How can I be bored with all this beauty?  How can I become so accustomed to creation all around me that I never even really see it or go out and experience it?

So today I’m a little tired.  I’m a little uninspired.  But I’m not going to take it for granted any longer.  I’m going to stay aware.  When I see creation, I see God.  And when I see God, I hope that I never feel uninspired.  I hope that I always stand in awe of His handiwork, whether it’s in nature, in people or in me.  He’s working.  I may never be uninspired again.

What about you?  Do you ever feel uninspired?

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  • I think the heat can really get me. There are many other factors as well, especially in summer time, but heat is the big one. It’s just so hot all I want to do is sit inside and do nothing!

    Not having as much to do with school being out is another one. Well, not doing what needs to be done because I don’t have to report to anyone about it is a more accurate statement. Good thoughts. I think I needed to hear them today too.

    • Weekends are my kryptonite sometimes. They’re the two days that I get to relax and do what I want, so a lot of times I sleep in and be lazy when I should really be out and about and productive. I agree with the heat, though. It was stinking hot this morning when I ran. My glasses fogged up when I stepped outside. Crazy! But then again, I don’t like the cold either. Maybe I should move to San Diego…

  • Debbie Legg

    Most of the time. 🙁

  • Bethany Meeks

    I got inspired to get back to blogging after reading this. I was really busy for about three months and got behind. Then I just kept putting off because of how much I needed to catch up, but of course it just kept getting worse.