10 Things I’ve Thought About This Week


So while I’ve probably thought about more than 10 things this week (no promises, though), I thought I would post the top 10 that I can think of right now.  Let’s rock this joint.

1.  Today I completed week four of the Couch to 5K program.  I have this handy-dandy little app on my iPhone that I can see my schedule for the day, and it dings and tells me when to walk and when to run so I don’t have to focus on anything else other than breathing and staying alive.  When I saw that I had to run for 5 minutes straight two times this week, I thought I was going to die.  I didn’t.  I find that encouraging.

2.  I love swimming.  The water was 96 degrees and it still felt cool to my skin.  That’s how stinking hot it was.  I’m thankful for friends and family with pools who don’t care if I just randomly show up at their homes.

3. God is way better to me than I deserve.  (I actually think this a lot, not just this week)

4.  I kind of hurt my knee last week, so the running has been a little labored and slower than normal (which is at a turtle’s pace on a good day anyway).  I talked to my uncle, who is a doctor, and we both thought tendinitis might be the culprit, and he suggested a brace.  I didn’t know you could have a muffin top on your leg, but that’s exactly what my leg looks like just above the brace.  Just don’t look too close if I’m jogging by you.  Dont’ want to gross you out.

5.  I really, really, really, really, really wish it would stop raining for a couple weeks.  Our poor farmers can’t get anything done.  It’s a little frustrating as a farmer’s daughter.

6. I start house-sitting for two weeks straight in 10 days.  Both homes have pools.  One outdoor and one indoor.  I’m very thankful.  I think margaritas by the pool and in the sun sounds heavenly.

7.  I love my church family.  We’re a little community.  It’s awesome.  That is all.

8.  I know I’ve said it before, but it’s amazing how productive I can be without the television or radio turned on.

9.  Rahab was listed in Hebrews 11, the Hall of Fame of Faith.  A prostitute considered by God to be righteous and faith-filled is awesome in my book.  Gives me hope that even though I don’t have it all together, God does.

10.  I really want to go boating.  I don’t want to have to go out in public in a bathing suit, but I really want to go boating more than I don’t want people to see me.  Hopefully, there will be time for boating, and hopefully there will be a time when I won’t be so self-conscious about my body.  Until that time, I guess we’ll all just have to deal with muffin-tops over knee braces and bathing suits.

So what’s been on your mind this week?

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  • On #2, count your blessings! In the Seattle area, our highest temperature this YEAR has been 75 degrees (and we only had 2 days of it). 😛 I stick out my tongue to summer! Nyeh!

    • Well, the days I was speaking of were high 90s with a heat index of 106, so it was HOT!! I’m envious of your beautiful weather!

  • Fried Green Tomatoes :o) And, lots of other things but I really need to get to sleep!

    • They had fried green tomatoes at the fair this year, Judy! Confession: I’ve still never eaten them!