Stuff I’ve Loved This Week


I’m taking a little break for today, but I do want to recommend some great blog posts that I read this past week.  Enjoy!!

Always good for a post that makes me think, Alece over at Grit and Glory definitely did not disappoint this time either.  She shares her story with us here.  I hope you’ll go check it out.

Friday, I didn’t think that Bianca was going to post anything, but when she did, it was well worth waiting for.  Go check out her post on remembering by clicking here.

In light of all the craziness which prompted this post from me, Donald Miller posted a wonderful video about healthy masculinity here.

Rachel Held Evans also posted about Biblical masculinity, which was a thought-provoking read here.

Bryan Allain is making a series of funny videos called Churdles, which are about hurdles that we face in the church.  He posted the first one on Tuesday, and it’s seriously funny, folks.  At least it’s funny if you’ve ever been part of a worship or multimedia team in a church.  You can enjoy it here.

So what about you?  Send me some links to some of your favorite reads for this past week.  Let me know what you’re reading and what I should be reading, too!  Let’s comment it up!

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