My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps


I’ve had my Verizon iPhone about two months now, and that’s long enough to have developed a few favorite applications.   Here they are in no particular order.

Evernote.  This thing is gold.  I click on it and click on the voice record and start recording or type my ideas for new blogs, etc.  It automatically syncs to the free Evernote software on my laptop.  And it’s free.

Tweetbot.  I read on another blog that this was the best Twitter app, so I tried it.  I sucked it up and paid the $1.99 for it.  I’ve not been disappointed.  No problems and always updating.  Plus it makes fun sounds.

Words With Friends, aka Scrabble.  There’s no hurry to come up with a word on the spot with a game board.  I can take up to several days before I make my next play.  I still suck at it, but I am getting better.

Kindle app.  It’s free.  It syncs with my Kindle at home.  It’s stinking awesome.  One of the best inventions ever.  I can read anywhere.

Couch to 5k by Bluefin Technologies.  I have a hard time calling this one of my favorites, but I use it a lot.  I’m very thankful for it, ’cause when I’m out training, it dings and then tells me to walk, then dings and tells me to run.  It also plays music, tracks me by GPS and keeps track of my pace times both walking and running and puts them all on a nice graph.  I don’t have to think about anything except to keep breathing.

Instagram.  All those fun pictures that I post on my Facebook page and/or Twitter?  Yeah.  They come from here.  Great camera with the iPhone, and then awesome filters through Instagram.  Love this app.

Yes.  I love Angry Birds.  I could sit and play for hours.  I would if my battery would last longer.  I’ve passed most of the levels on both this version and Rio.  Now I’m just trying to kill the pigs faster.

SoundHound.  This one is so cool.  I tap the icon and hold it to music, and usually within 30 seconds it tells me the name of the song, who sings it and gives me the link to download it on iTunes.  I can also sing into it, and it will tell me the right song.

Fruit Ninja. Fruit and bombs fly up in the air.  You use your finger to slice the fruit and not the bombs.  Simple yet so addicting.  I play it every night before I go to sleep.  What’s not therapeutic about slicing fruit?

YouVersion Bible App.  Obviously, I’ve put this one in here to make myself look like a better Christian.  Just kidding.  And it’s probably the one that I use the most, at least in church.  I’m not one to remember to walk out the door with my Bible, but I always remember my phone.  The person who put the two together was a genius.

So what about you?  Any favorite apps?  What app would you create if you could?

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  • If I played you on Words and it took you days to come up with a word, I’d be pissed.

    • Most of the time it’s within 5-10 hours depending upon the day. I’m running a couple days right now because of the swampage at work. You’d have to deal. But since you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have to.

  • adnyk

    We have been enjoying the iSpy camera app. I think it was .99 but has hundreds of live camera images from around the globe. I love being able to show my little one Hawaii or live images from Italy, Austria, or Norway. There are cameras honed in on the pandas on the “panda cam” or the activities happening at doggie daycare centers. Really quite cool for the minimal price.

    • That sounds fun! I’ve never heard of that one. Heading there to check it out now!!

  • I adore Instagram! I wouldn’t want to live without RedLaser for comparing prices. I’m an impulsive buyer and it’s helped me take a deep breath and step away from the platform shoes.

    • Yeah. Instagram is probably my favorite photo app. I have RedLaser, too, but with the options we have here, it’s either Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart. Needless to say, it hasn’t done me much good here. Haven’t gone on a big shopping trip, though!

  • AE

    Nice list! I just purchased an iPhone recently and have been on the lookout for new apps so you definitely helped me find some new ones thanks! I do have a most favorite app right now called DISH Remote Access and it comes from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. With their Sling Adapter as well I’m able to “sling” all of my favorite shows from home live or recorded to my iPhone anywhere I go in the world on 3G or WiFi. It’s pretty awesome since I travel so much; plus I got the Adapter at a great deal! Check it out 🙂

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