Gone Too Soon


I heard the news yesterday that Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her apartment in London. I’d honestly never really listened to much of her music. Yesterday, though, I sat for a while and listened to the beautiful music of a tortured soul. She’d been living a troubled life in the spotlight for quite some time. And really all I knew of her were her demons that she was fighting.

My heart is saddened when I see people being overtaken by their demons because I totally get it. I get it because it happens to me at some point every day. Some people walk around with their demons hidden, and we never know about them. Then there are some who live in the public eye, and even if they wanted to fight to rid themselves of those demons, sometimes we just won’t let them. Their flaws make better stories than their normalcy. Negative news, people making fools of themselves or people so strung out that they don’t know what their doing are the majority of the headlines we see these days.

And it makes my heart ache.

We get so caught up, just like I did with Amy Winehouse, by seeing people and defining them by their demons. She was a musician who made beautiful music and not a drunk who couldn’t get her act together. I was reminded of this with one of our verses at church Sunday.

“He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.” ~ John 2:25

He knew what was in each person. He knows what’s in me. He knows what I can take, what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are. He knows what’s in you. And He knew what was in Amy Winehouse. He knew the beauty in her music came from the beauty that was within her…

…because He created that beauty.

He created that beauty in Amy Winehouse, and He creates that beauty in each and every one of us.

My prayer for all of us is that we live out that beauty to it’s fullest. You deserve to be all that God has created you to be, and the world deserves to see that God be glorified in the in the beauty that He knew was in us.

So mourn for those who are hurting and continue to fight your demons. You’re worth it, and you’re beautiful.

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    I am convinced more every day that the Christian life comes down to one simple thing — a deep realization of how much God loves us. It is simplistic, but powerful. It frees us from self-hatred and frees us to love everyone — once we understand how much He loves us.

    • Love frees us to forgive. To forgive ourselves and to forgive others. It’s the only thing that really makes any sense to me anymore

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