10 Pieces of Technology I Don’t Want to Live Without


Here they are in no particular order.

1.  My cell phone – For one, it’s my only phone line.  Secondly, if I thought I was pretty dependent upon the cell phone before I took the plunge to the iPhone 4, there’s no turning back now.  All these cool apps that are out there, it’s almost ridiculous.

2.  My DVR – I never know what my schedule is going to be.  There are a few television shows that I really don’t want to miss, and then there are the super cheesy Hallmark movies that I record.  It comes in handy when I’m in the mood to catch up or I’m sick like this last weekend.  I situated myself on my couch and was able to delete several hours worth of stored-up shows off my DVR memory.  Just getting ready for this next season!

3.  My Television – To have a DVR I must have television.  Makes sense, right?  Along with that I’m putting HD television.  It’s way better.

4.  Central AC/Heat – It’s been a hot summer, and my air conditioner didn’t work for some of it.  I’m so very thankful that it’s working.  I’m cold natured, so in the winter time, I like a nice warm home to come home to.  I’m glad I don’t have to build a fire.  I just push a button.  Just the way I like it.

5.  My laptop/Internet – I can multitask.  I can watch TV and blog or be in bed and blog or be fixing dinner and blog.  In any of those instances, it’s just a more convenient way for me to connect with you.  Although, you can bet if I write something that just doesn’t quite make sense, I was probably multitasking…

6. Microwave – I don’t do a lot of cooking.  Mainly because if I make something, I’m usually eating it the rest of the week, and that just gets plain old.  Microwavable food is my friend.

7.  Indoor plumbing – You may not consider this technology, but I do.  And I don’t think it needs any further gross explanations.

8. iPad – I took the plunge a couple weeks ago.  It’s rockin.  You have no idea.  Seriously. I think it’s making me better at Words With Friends.  Plus, it instantly makes me cooler.

9.  Nikon D3000 – I love to take pictures.  Sometimes I even get a good one.

 10. Radio – I love love love love music.  It’s a big part of me.  I just think it makes the world a better place!

So what about you?  What are your pieces of technology that you don’t want to go without?

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  • Anonymous

    You have no idea. Through a snafu, my power has been cut-off for two days. Ugh. It was UNBEARABLE not having power. We take SO much for granted!

    • Oh, sadness. I don’t know what I would do without power for 2 days! Probably go crazy!!

  • Cathysnyder80

    well, since i don’t have a cool phone, i do have an ipod. and since i have an ipod i must have an ipod dock to play my ipod music 🙂

  • Typtyp1

    My Nook, my dishwasher and my attached garage. I know the garage isn’t necessarily technology, but it does have a door opener. I think I could live without almost anything as long as I had my dishwasher and my attached garage…ha!

  • iPhone, iPad, laptop, Roku streaming player

    Really dig the ESV Bible app on my iPad!

    • I have YouVersion for my phone. Haven’t dug into it too much for the iPad. I’ll have to check that out!

  • Love that shot of the guitar! My list is just like yours… Add in a KitchenAid mixer and I’m set.

    • Thanks! That’s just about my all-time favorite pic I’ve taken that doesn’t have my nieces and nephews in it 🙂 I can see how you would want a KitchenAid mixer with all your baking. I, however, could live without since I shy away from all things with the word “kitchen” in them.