10 Shows I’m Looking Forward To This Fall


I went for about five years without any kind of cable or satellite television.  I had a few local network channels, but not much selection.  I spent a lot of time watching Antiques Roadshow, which is awesome, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway, there are a few old shows and a few new ones I’m really looking forward to this fall, so here they are!

1. Bones – Probably my favorite drama on television right now.  Last season ended with Bones telling Booth she was pregnant with his child, which there was no warning, really, that I can think off.  I’m very interested to see how this will play out.

2. Chuck – It’s cheesy and ridiculous, but for some reason I love it.  The characters work well together, and it’s an interesting story to watch play out.  Oh, and it’s kinda funny.

3.  NCIS – Last season left off with a pretty decent cliffhanger.  I think there are going to be a lot of big changes this year.  This cast is one of the best on television aside from Bones, if you ask me.  There haven’t been many changes, and I don’t really foresee any major ones this fall either.

4.  Happy Endings – This one started out last year.  I laughed every time I watched it.  To me that’s a win.  I think they’re trying to be the new Friends, which isn’t going to happen, but it’s a pretty decent show.

5. Modern Family – I haven’t ever really seen a show at which I’ve laughed more.  This is probably my favorite show to watch with my friends.

6. Person of Interest – This one seems interesting.  I don’t know if you can really go wrong with Jim Caviezel either.  I’ll let you know what I think after the first couple episodes.  These won’t be live viewings.  Probably DVR shows.

7.  2 Broke Girls – Could be decent.  Kind of reminds me of Two Guys and a Girl, except it’s two girls and no guys.  I liked that show.  I’ll give this one a chance.

8. New Girl – This one I’m actually pretty excited about.  Zooey Deschanel (Bones’ sister)  It just looks funny.  Seriously.  Go watch a preview here.

9.  Free Agents – I’ll give this one a couple weeks to see if it’s worth it.  Both of the main characters I usually like, but not sure how the show will turn out.  We’ll see!

10.  Jersey Shore – Oh, wait.  Just kidding.  I don’t even know if that’s still on.  Never watched an episode. 🙂

Actual 10.  The Voice – I hate reality shows.  I’ve never watched American Idol.  I loved this show for some reason.  I think I liked the fact that they chose their teams based on actual talent.  Not sure, but I liked it a lot.

So these are some that I’m looking forward to.  What are your favorite shows?  Are there any new ones you’re excited about?

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  • I’m excited about the return of Castle and Parenthood, and I’m super pumped about New Girl. I get more excited every time I see a preview. I feel like I would be good friends with this character. I’m also looking forward to Whitney and Up All Night, which also look pretty funny.

    • Forgot about Whitney. I’d like to give it a try, too! I have never seen Castle or Parenthood. Maybe have to give them a go, as well. I think I’d be good friends with The New Girl, too…lol

  • Here are my shows I’m looking forward to(some of these are returning, while others are new this year):
    1. Parks and Recreation-definitely my new favorite comedy, taking over from The Office which hasn’t been very good the last couple years.
    2. Community- Another comedy. Weird. Pop-cultury(I know that’s not a word). Irreverant. Awesome.
    3. Hell on Wheels- This is a new show coming out on AMC, the home of the award winning Mad Men and my new favorite show, Breaking Bad. This is a western. I love westerns. I look forward to checking this out.
    4. Terra Nova- Another new one. WITH MOTHERFREAKING DINOSAURS!!!
    5. Sons of Anarchy-This one started this week. Its about outlaw motorcycle gangs. It is not about good people. It is not for everyone. I probably shouldn’t watch it, but I am into it.

    These are my shows I try not to miss. Other shows I watch if I’m around to are Boardwalk Empire, NCIS, Modern Family, and The Office. I have more shows coming in January that I watch, but the fall is pretty scarce.

    • Pop Pop!

      I still have no idea what that mean, but you use it from either Parks & Recreation or Community.

      By the way, you’re a nerd. Dinosaurs? Really? ;o)

  • howen

    I think the new show, Up All Night with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett looks good. I’m gonna give it chance atleast.

    • I’m with howen on this one. Add in Maya Rudolph and I’m hoping for a win.

      • The three will keep it going for a while just because of who they are even if the writing is horrible. I’m hoping right there with ya!

    • That one almost made the top ten. I’ll prob give it a try, as well!

  • Michelle Woodman

    I’m looking forward to the return of “The Big Bang Theory” and want to check out “Person of Interest”. I’m reading EW’s fall TV preview issue with a degree of hesitation as it may lead to more shows being checked out . . . O_o

    • I have only caught a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory, and I liked it. But I never remember to set my DVR timer. Plus it’s just one more thing to fill up my space 😉

  • Apparently I fell asleep and woke up to you all being 30 years older. NCIS? Really?


    • I like the characters. CSI just got almost too ridiculous, and this is, too, but really it’s just that Mark Harmon is so much better looking than William Petersen…

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