10 Thoughts From My First 5k


So this is the post that I wrote on Wednesday before I actually ran the 5k.  You might be able to tell a little difference in my attitude 🙂  I hope you enjoy it ’cause it was really fun writing it!!

I ran my first 5K last night. I had a few thoughts during the whole process. Here you go. And you’re welcome.

1. I wish this run was in the morning. I run in the morning. It would be infinitely better for me if we did it on Saturday morning. Just saying.

2. I can’t grab a water unless I want it all down the front of my shirt. A longer run, yes, I’ll have the water. 3 miles? I can do without.

3. I. Hate. Hills. Seriously. Could we have not chosen a less hilly route?

4. Man, this music’s good. I have great taste in running music. I should probably make it a little more wholesome, though. I can’t be singing along to Eminem while I’m running…at least not in my hometown.

5. And now we’re running through a cemetery. I hate cemeteries. Maybe they wouldn’t care if I sang a little P!nk.  So what.  I’m still a rock star!  I got my rock moves…

6. Oh, great. Now the walkers are passing me.  I need to conserve energy.  More breathing.  Less singing.

7. That’s all right. You’re here doing this, and you’re going to finish.

8. Oh, crap. Another hill.

9. Lord, not my strength but Yours. And if it’s Your will, please don’t let me throw up on my neighbor.

10. Wow. I finished with my best time ever. My friend told me that I’d run faster in the race than I do by myself. I guess that says something about accountability. Having others around me made me push harder and dig down deeper.  AND I finished.

Did you hear that? I finished!!

What did you do exciting this week?

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  • Kim Hinkle

    Yeahh Julie! So proud of you!!!

  • Mary Gain

    Good job on finishing. Great job on just deciding to do it! Love all you posts but really love this one. I hate hills too and I just walk. God is so good to go with us though the things we do.

    • Thanks, Mary! Hills are the devil, I’ve decided!

  • Congrats on the 5k. Finishing that first one is a huge accomplishment!

    As for me, my excitement comes from being on vacation. Hiked 5.5 mile trail with a 1700 foot incline today. Just one of many exciting things this week!

    • Awesome, Will! That’s probably a little more adventurous than I’ll probably ever get…unless there’s some great places to stop and take pictures! I’ll always hike for pics! Thanks for stopping by!