10 Favorite Videos


In no particular order:

1.  Best marriage proposal.  This one took a lot of work!

2.  One of the most creative.  Photoshop Your Memories.

3.  Favorite Tripp & Tyler video.  These guys are going to be at Catalyst.  Can’t wait to laugh!!!

4.  Just darn cute.  Makes me want to move to England if I have kids so they can talk like this.

5.  I will laugh at this one EVERY TIME.

6.  Best workout video…EVER

7.  I hope I cry EVERY time I watch this.  This inspires me.

8.  I think this commercial is hilarious.

9.  I.  Love.  This.

10.  I’m new to the world of Mashups, but I find myself becoming a big fan.  Just someone with way more talent than me putting a whole bunch of songs/videos together to make something totally new.  This one has a few of my running songs in it, so i picked it.  There’s a ton of good ones, though!

What are some of your favorite videos?

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  • Cathysnyder80

    i am a big fan of the “Butt Drugs” video by Rhett and Link. Check it out! “There’s plenty of parking in the rear!

  • I can’t get over that face workout! I’m still laughing.