10 Reasons You Should Have A Dog

Okay.  For those of you who know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of indoor pets.  I’m just not home enough to take care of them.  I don’t mind them, but I can’t give them the attention they need.  My friends, however, have pets…inside.  Herschel is one such friend.  I asked him to step in today since I’m living it up at Catalyst and to write our Friday 10 Things post.  I hope you enjoy!  You can follow him on Twitter here.  Not only is he pretty darn funny, but he’s one of my closest friends.  Enjoy!!

We recently added a new member to our family.  His name is Wiggins.  This is what I love about having him around, so far.

1.  He forces me to not be selfish.  It is really easy for me to get lost in my room, on my computer, working or playing Scrabble.  I can go to my room, and interact with nobody, and be perfectly happy.  Not anymore.  I am often bombarded my a cold wet nose poking my feet, urging me to come play Frisbee, or go for a walk from the moment I wake up until Wiggins decides it is nap time.

2.  He forces me to get outside.  Since Wiggins joined our family, all of use have found ourselves at his bequest for daily walks.  And we all needed it.

3. Since he moved in, there has not been a day when I haven’t seen him do something that makes me laugh.  As a schnauzer, he is independent, and very intelligent.  This makes him ornery.  I laugh the most at his sheer joy and excitement when he sees us grab his leash.

4.  He is fantastic pianist.

5.  I love taking Wiggins for a walk and meeting the neighbors as they come to meet us.

6.  Wiggins loves to wrestle.  Especially when you try to take his rope toy.

7.  Like I mentioned earlier, he is very smart, and has learned many tricks since moving in.  It’s very satisfying to work with him on a new trick and see him learn.

8.  There isn’t one person in our house who doesn’t love having him around. He is a very calm, quiet dog. With all the medical issues we’ve had this past year, it can be very comforting having him around and to experience the calmness he brings.

9.  I love seeing the joy on my parents’ and brother’s face when they play with him.

10.  He is a rescue.  I know some of you aren’t dog people, and maybe this seems trivial.  There is just a joy that comes from knowing that at least this one dog won’t need to be euthanized because he can move in with us.  As much as that helps him, I think it helps us more.  Having him around makes us more compassionate, more kind, more sensitive to those around us, and above all, more joyful.

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  • We found our dog recently from the humane society and Hope has brought such a fun serenity into our home. She was also the fulfillment of a promise that we gave our kids when we decided to move. If God cares for the sparrow that falls, I am most certain that He cares for all animals, even our sweet dogs waiting in shelters.

    Thanks Herschel!

  • Cathysnyder80

    I agree! Curly is a rescue also. He brings Matt and I SO much joy! No matter what our days have been like you can’t help but be happy to see him because he is certainly excited to see us!

  • Anonymous

    My dog can’t seem to get a grasp of the piano. But she is a master trombonist.

  • Typtyp1

    I love dogs!! I think everyone needs at least one…and everyone who is considering having a baby needs a puppy…they are great preparation for a newborn!! Good post, Hersch.

    • So if I ever want to have kids, I need a dog? Maybe I need to rethink children…

      Seriously, though, any dog I would ever have would be outside. I can’t just leave my kids outside, could I?