10 Random Thoughts


I’ve been playing catch-up all week at work from my vacation last week, so my head is full of a bunch of thoughts that aren’t really connecting. You’re welcome.

1. My whole body hurts. Really. That’s the main thing on my mind right now because every time I try to move anything I’m in pain. I started boot camp this week to train for the Nashville half marathon next April. Quick movements are not happening. Slow movements hurt longer. I’ve just got to keep moving a few more hours…

2. If you missed Wednesday’s post, then you missed some pretty big announcements. Go check them out. One I’m terrified about and yet still excited. The other I’m just plain excited. Go read and see if you can guess which is which!

3. I’m thankful for a slower week so I could get caught up from being gone last week. Which is awesome considering that when I’m here all the time anyway I’m very seldom caught up.

4. It rained yesterday. I love sleeping in the rain. Well, not in the rain. In my house while it’s raining. But you get my point. Hearing it is so soothing to my overactive mind. Listen to the noise and sleep.

5. Catalyst. It’s been on my mind a lot. What did I learn? Who did I meet? Will I go again? Those issues will be addressed later.

6. Katie Davis. 22-year-old girl who has adopted 13 Ugandan girls while living and serving over there. 13 daughters. I’m 31 and have a hard time imagining my life with one extra person. 13 blows my mind. Go here to read about her ministry. We will be doing something within the next year through the blog to raise money for this ministry. Be thinking what we can do. I’d like to hear your input.

7. My job. While I loved having a week off, what I loved more is coming back to a familiar place to a job that I love. I realize a lot of people don’t have that, and I hope I never take for granted what I have.

8. Ouch.

9. I got a Keurig coffee make for the office. I’ve had a different kind of coffee every day without any excess left in the pot for me to drink. It’s awesome. PS. My thoughts are if you don’t drink your coffee black, you’re kind of a sissy. Just saying.

10. Carlos Whittaker. He’s got some excellent stuff to say. He was at the blogger’s meetup Wednesday night. I didn’t meet him, but Dena did. She’s a frequent commenter on his blog. Don’t read his stuff if you don’t want to be challenged. You’ve been warned.

What are you thinking about this week?

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