10 Current Infatuations


Here are a few things that are currently taking up quite a bit of my time, and I’m mostly loving it!

1.  Blogging.  I have two blogs now.  This one you’re reading now and this one.  I blog on this site Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  The new blog time schedule will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday with Saturday just being a video I’ve found on YouTube.  I love writing both of them!

2.  I started the other blog to go along with my training for my first half marathon.  My trainer, Bridget, is keeping me pretty busy Monday-Friday.  Plus because of the soreness I’m moving slower than normal, so it seems like I’m not getting as much accomplished.

3.  Cooking. I know. It’s a shocker.  Bridget has me on a Paleo plan, so I’m making most of my own food.  No grain, no sugar.  Fortunately my body hasn’t gone into withdrawals from sugar like it did when I gave up sugar for Lent.  My favorite snack?  String cheese and grapes or apples.   Yum-O!

4.  Kinesio Tape.  I have no idea how or why this stuff works, but what I do know is that since I’ve had the strips of it on my inner calves, my legs haven’t hurt as bad.  They still hurt, but I can move without a grimace now.  I ordered two rolls.  And believe me, two things of black tape going up your inner calves?  Very sexy…

5.  The book.  I’m not quite consumed with it yet, but November is National Novel Writing Month.  The challenge is to write a 50,000-word novel in the month of November.  I’m considering getting this done.  It will be some motivation.  I need deadlines.

6.  Sleeping.  I love to sleep.  And maybe it’s nothing new, but, really.  I love to sleep.  I just don’t get enough of it sometimes.  Sometimes I think I’d like to stay in bed a whole day just to try it.  But I usually give in to societal pressure saying that I have to clean my house or do laundry or eat…actually, I have no problem with the eating part!

7.  The new iPhone update.  I didn’t update to the 4S yet.  I’m still too cheap to do that without a contract.  I did, however, do the software upgrade.  There are some very cool things going on here in my new little iPhone.  I think I like it!

8.  Family.  Starting in September I get a lot more family time.  My family owns a pumpkin patch, and it’s a whole-family ordeal.  Seriously, grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles & nieces and nephews.  And it just carries over into the holiday season!

9.  Friends.  I’ve slowed down in some of my other ventures in my life currently, so I can spend more quality time with my friends, as well.

10.  CHRISTIMAS SHOPPING!  Okay.  I don’t really officially start until around Thanksgiving, but Amazon has had some amazing Deals of the Day that I just couldn’t pass up, so I have a few gifts already!  I love this time of year!!!

What’s taking up a lot of your time lately?

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?  Early bird or Christmas Eve or somewhere between?

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  • I love Kinesio Tape! It’s on my next list of things I’m thankful for! I had a medial ankle sprain a while back and I thought I was really going to be in it for the long hall, but Kinsio Tape relieved so much of my pain I was able to rehab quicker.

    • *haul. Wow I look like an imbecile.

      • Not an imbecile. Just blame it on autocorrect. Always works for me! I can’t wait for mine to come in so we can try it on Dad’s knees ’cause he’s in so much pain from arthritis!

  • I have had a student challenging me all week for NaNoWriMo. (The same one who challenged me last year and I participated for the first time.) I keep saying I don’t have a story in me. Yesterday I came up with a character, so we’ll see where this goes. It’s encouraging to hear so many others that I know doing this as well.

    • Does it have to be fiction or nonfiction or either? I didn’t see that anywhere. Mine would totally be nonfiction. Do it!

      • I have no clue! I would think that anything you write that is novel length would count. After all it couldn’t hurt to try!