10 Things


1.  My week has been crazy.

2.  Last night was awesome.

3.  I love my friends.

4.  I’m sorry this is ridiculously short.

5. Bootcamp is still hard, but I’m getting better!

6.  My legs hurt.

7.  I love fall.

8.  I love my new shoes.

9.  Herschel is a goober.

10.  I’m ready for the weekend!

I want to know 10 short things from you!  Leave them in the comments!

About the author

  • 10 Things I learned while borrowing Julie’s iPad:
    10. She gave me the password so I can buy whatever apps I want. Hello BaconClock!
    I don’t have time for 9 more, I’m too busy buying apps!

    • Above comment = goober. I speak the truth, people…

  • TorConstantino

    God, the word goober makes me laugh every time I read it – even when I write it myself….

    • Me, too! I call my nephew a goober, and he loves it for some strange reason 🙂

  • 1. I have my last class to complete my Master’s Degree this weekend.
    2. I would much rather sleep in and not go to it.
    3. I take my last national board exam next Friday and Saturday.
    4. I’m more than pumped about graduation.
    5. I’m not all pumped about packing and moving.
    6. I’m thinking breakfast for dinner tonight.
    7. I’m loving the cooler weather.
    8. However, I’m realizing that my winter clothes aren’t fitting very well (a good problem I suppose).
    9. The video submissions to Jimmy Kimmel of parents telling their kids they ate all their candy cracks me up.
    10. I agree that Herschel is a goober.

    • Breakfast for dinner. Love! It’s about the only time I’ll ever eat “real” breakfast food!

  • Kathy Book

    1. My week went by very quickly.
    2. I had a great meeting with my junior high book club tonight. They call themselves the Nerd Herd.
    3. I loved having friends at my house tonight just to sit and talk and do nothing special.
    4. I always read Julie’s 10 Things List….even if it’s short.
    5. Bootcamp is stilll hard, but I’m getting better.
    6. My feet hurt from pounding the concrete floor at boot camp.
    7. I love fall, but I despise winter.
    8. If I had new shoes, maybe my feet wouldn’t hurt.
    9. I have no comment regarding Herschel. Nice guy as far as I know.
    10. I will enjoy going to a friend’s son’s wedding this weekend.

    • I love the name the Nerd Herd. I heard that off the show Chuck and thought it was fantastic. Get new shoes. It’s way fun 🙂

  • Bosspumpkin

    1. I love the peace and quiet of the gray November skies mingled with the remaining bursts of color from nature.
    2. I love my family.
    3. Pumpkin season is over, and there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to create a place where people can come to enjoy themselves.
    4. Pumpkin season is over and it’s time to unwind.
    5. Grandkids are aptly named.
    6. There are still so many things to do and learn in my lifetime.
    7. Embrace life, it’s so fleeting.
    8.I don’t do bootcamp, but admire those that do!
    9. Our nation is great and those who fought for what our family enjoys are to be greatly applauded.
    10. May I never leave God out when He has allowed all the above and much, much more.

    • So when am I taking you guys out to have some incredible rib gumbo to celebrate the end of pumpkin season 🙂