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Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the king…and he rebuilt a nation.

Esther? She was some woman pulled off the street and groomed to be queen…and she saved her people.

Daniel was a young man who would not waiver from what he believed.

Noah was a family man who had never seen rain, but built a boat to prepare for a flood.

Joseph never ever lost faith.

Rahab was a prostitute, but in James it says she was considered righteous.

David was an adulterer and a murderer, but yet he was called a man after God’s own heart.

I’m drawn to these stories. I think growing up I had the impression that these people started out having it all. They started out as princes and kings instead of shepherds and prostitutes. I get caught in the thinking time after time after time that I’m not the one that should be doing this. I shouldn’t write these blogs. I shouldn’t tell these stories. I shouldn’t play this music or sing these songs.

Yet I know I should. I know I can.

Some of us are just like these Biblical heroes and are up and perpetuating change. You’re getting up and staying in motion. You’re moving towards the dreams and the desires that God has placed in your hearts.

And some of us could be like these people, yet there’s something hold us back. You’re sitting at home afraid to move. You’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to come to you instead of going out to seek any sort of opportunity.

“…but if you return to me and obey my commands, then even if your exiled people are at the farthest horizon, I will gather them from there and bring them to the place I have chosen as a dwelling for my Name.” Nehemiah 1:9

I love this passage in Nehemiah when he’s praying and saying to God, Hey. Remember when you said this to Moses? Yeah. I’m calling you on it. You said if we obey You, then you will bring us all back. Even those who seem to far to reach.

But we have to make the first move.

And in Esther she tells Mordecai that she will go to the king to plead for her people and if she dies, then she dies. It will all be worth it.

See I have this feeling that we’re all chosen by God to do something. Whether it be raise your children up in a Godly home or lead a nation into revival, we’re called to do SOMETHING.

Sometimes I wonder if Nehemiah had any construction skills when it came to building a wall around a city. I wonder if Noah knew how to build a rowboat. And David took down the heart of an entire army with a few stones and a slingshot.

The only difference between those who change the world and those who don’t?

They get off their ass and do something.

So if the Bible were telling a story about you, what would it be saying?

Me? I hope it would say something like this: Julie, she was a woman who tried really hard to live out her passions and to encourage others to live theirs. She gave up on herself a lot because there were obstacles, but always tried to encourage others. But one thing is for certain…she never gave up on you, and she never ever stopped moving forward.

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  • Amy Book

    You will never stop moving. Thanks for being one to push others into motion. It matters, this blog you write. It matters to many. Love it and you.

  • Julie, I am just beginning to get to know you and am very impressed by your writing skills and your determination. You are an inspiration –so keep up the blog and continue on your journey of physical self improvement. I am working on that myself. God is speaking through you and your light is definitely shining! Really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Thank you so much, Jan! You’re such an encouragement, too! I see you coming into bootcamp AFTER Zumba, and I’m 100% impressed!

      • I have found that I am capable of much more than I thought. Thanks to Bridget and April (my zumba instructor) I find I can push myself harder than I ever realized and that physical achievement spills over into all aspects of my life making me want to do more! Mostly I dont want to just sit on the sidelines anymore and be a couch potato!

      • I have a feeling the sidelines won’t ever see you again. You can do anything you want to do!

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