10 Reasons For Thanksgiving


'Photograph of President Truman receiving a Thanksgiving turkey from members of the Poultry and Egg National Board and other representatives of the turkey industry, outside the White House, 11/16/1949' photo (c) 1949, The U.S. National Archives - license: http://www.flickr.com/commons/usage/

1.  You’re alive and breathing.  It may not be easy at times, but you’re still here, and I believe there’s a reason for that.  Thanksgiving.

2. There is someone in your life who loves you.  Thanksgiving.

3.  Odds are you’re getting together with family and/or friends at some point in the next few months to celebrate the holiday season.  Thanksgiving.

4.  You’re here reading my blog, and I am thankful.  Thanksgiving.

5.  Technology that let’s us reach out to complete strangers and build relationships.  Thanksgiving.

6. You have enough money to pay for Internet access either at home or on your phone, or you’re reading this online at the office, which means you have a job.  You’re one of the wealthiest people in the world.  Thanksgiving.

7.  I’d bet you also eat three meals a day.  Thanksgiving.

8.  The chance to live out your dreams.  It’s never been closer than it is in this second.  Go.  Do it.  Thanksgiving.

9.  It’s never been easier to travel the world and experience new cultures and get to know a little bit more about your fellow man.  Thanksgiving.

10.  As I said in #1, I believe that God has created us for a purpose.  I believe that things that happen to us in our lives; good, bad or ugly, make us stronger.  I believe that He loves us so much that He cries when we cry and laughs when we laugh.  Sometimes I can feel it more than I can at other times, but I believe He’s always there just waiting for us to realize how much we need Him.  And it’s in those moments where I’m so thankful that that will never ever change.  Thanksgiving.

What are some things for which you’re thankful?

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  • Amy Book

    HE loves me, because he loves me, because he loves me, because he loves me, because that’s who He is = me very, very thankful.
    http://www.turnbacktogod.com/video-word-graham-cooke-music-jonathan-david-helser/ <— watch that. today.

    • I’ll have to watch that tomorrow!! And great list, by the way!!

  • TJ

    I’m thankful for many of the things you’re thankful for. Sometimes I think that I am thankful for the things I have (or could possibly have), but I forget to be thankful for the things I don’t have.

    I don’t have to wonder when my next meal will be or where I’m going to sleep tonight. I don’t have to live without clean water. I don’t have to hide my faith. I don’t have to live with memories of abuse. I don’t have to wish that my family stayed together.

    There are many things that I have, and there are many things that I don’t have.

    And for both, I am blessed.

    Thanks for that reminder!

    • Good reminder from you, TJ! I forget to be thankful for the things I don’t even think about.