Wash Your Feet


We were talking tonight in Bible study about a foot-washing service, and for those of us who have been a part of one, we all agreed that it was a pretty emotional and incredible experience.  We talked a little bit about why we could give someone a hug and tell them we love them without making them cry most of the time, but when we wash someone’s feet, emotions run wild.

My immediate thought on the matter is that maybe it’s because our feet is what hold the weight of everything through our day, and to have someone wash that away and just take care of us for a little bit can seem a little overwhelming.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.  So for those of you who have taken part in a foot-washing service, was it emotional for you?  Why do you think?

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  • I was one of the ones washing. It was solemn. There was a sense of honor, honoring those we were washing.
    Feet are something that most people don’t touch. They are the part of us that is constantly touching the ground. They are right in the middle of the messiness of the world. They get messy by contact. I think it is awkward because we don’t people to try to clean up our messiness. We want to keep our messiness to ourselves.
    Just a thought.

    • And a good thought. I’ve been on both ends of it. You’re right. It’s solemn when you’re the one doing the washing. Almost reverence. I agree with the messiness part of it. Excellent thoughts.