Confession #193,283


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Confession #193,293:

I can be a spoiled and entitled little brat.

I like for things to go my way. I like for a little order in my life, even though my desk is a complete mess most of the time. I like for things to be clear and concise when I’m trying to get something done.

I want it my way and I want it now.

I get a little pissy when it doesn’t happen like I think it should.

One of the many problems with this kind of attitude is that I start to make it more about me than the person I’m serving. I guess with this kind of attitude, I’m making it all about me.

And while there are times that there are actual legitimate concerns, I think most of the time it’s just because things don’t go the way I’d envisioned. I want to have my hands in a little bit of everything, and quite honestly, they just don’t need to be there.

We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. We need to hone our strengths and to strengthen our weaknesses. The trick is to know the time and the place to be doing those things. It’s hard to know. That’s why I called it a trick.

Building a house is not the time to learn how to hammer a nail. Building a birdhouse? I’d say that’s a little more feasible. Catering a meal for 500 people is not the time to learn how to cook. But making dinner for my friends? Go for it.

If you’re in leadership, take care of business. Show compassion, and show organization. If you’re completely unorganized, get someone to help you. Good leaders ask for help.

If you’re not in some sort of leadership, do whatever you’re doing well. Seriously, give it all you’ve got. We’re commanded to.

“Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won’t be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Do work you won’t be ashamed of.

I ran into a situation this week where I had failed to do something properly. It was unintentional, but still wrong. I was embarrassed, angry and completely frustrated with myself. There really wasn’t an excuse. I just didn’t do it right.

Do work you won’t be ashamed of.

Whether you’re leading a group of thousands or working in a cubicle with thousands, do it well.

Because when we do the little things well, then those big things seem so much easier to handle. The little decisions made well make the big decisions easier.

So Monday I was a little pouty. I was angry with myself. If you would have met me in the midst of it all, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have liked me.

Do things right.

Do things well.

And in all things God will be glorified.

What about you? Are you Type A like me? How do you handle things unraveling in a way you hadn’t planned?

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  • For some reason, birthdays have always been a hard issue for me. I always envision them to be a certain way, and they NEVER turn out the way that I wanted. So, my biggest thing is letting my birthday, be my birthday, and whatever happens on that day (it is simply a day, after all), to be what happens. Bad or good, happy or sad, it simply is. But, I confess, I do get a little bitchy on that day. I am REALLY trying to change that and to simply, “Be”.

    • Simply Being is an art that is hard to attain. I’m always wanting to simply do. We can learn lots of things from just being.

  • I needed this today. I have been working on translating a file from English to Spanish for a couple students. It’s about 25 pages. It has not been easy, but I’m almost done. However, I realized that I made a mistake on an earlier form. I did not want to go back and fix it. But I need to do things well, so I’m going to go back and fix it. Thanks!

    • Don’t you hate that?! Mom always said just do things right the first time. Dad always said let’s just make this work for a while. It’s the best of both worlds swimming around in my head all the time 😉