Don’t Forget To Breathe


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There is a certain mood that comes around every now and then.  It’s usually hanging over our heads when there’s a big decision to be made.

Some may call it contemplative.  Some may call it melancholy.

I just call it tension.

Do you ever feel like that one decision is either going to make or break you?  But then agin you know it’s not?

The decision on whether or not to buy a house or rent.  And then if you do decide to buy, which one do you buy?  How much can you afford?  How many bedrooms?  Whether or not to buy a new car or keep the old one.  And then if you do get a new car, do you buy new or used?  Do you go for something big enough to haul people around or just big enough for two?

And then let’s say you do decide to buy a new house and a new car and your family situation expands.  Let’s say you get married or have a kid or ten.  What if the decision you made on the house turns out to be the wrong one?  What if you need something bigger now?  What if you need something smaller?  What if you lose your job and can’t pay for any of it?

What if you sit paralyzed in fear and never do anything?

What if I start spiraling downward again and start making all the bad decisions over and over again of my past?

What if I screw up one more time?

We play the game of What If too often in our lives.  We get so scared of doing something wrong that we just sit and do nothing at all.  And because of that life just seems to pass us by.

We miss so much life out there.

We’re too busy sweating out every decision that we forget to be present.  We’re selling out to something, whether it be work or fun or things that we want or trying to decide how best to live our lives.

We need to live.  And some days are going to be good, and some days are going to be bad.  We need to make decisions. They’re all going to change our lives in different ways.  We just have to remember that God will guide us through whatever happens.

If we make a good decision, He is there.

If we make a bad decision, He is there.

Some things may take more work to walk through, but He will walk there beside us every single step of the way.

So get out there and start moving.

Start deciding.

Start living.

What are you waiting for?

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