10 Things I Did This Week


Real original title.  I know.  There’s been a lot going on, but other than that, it’s been a great week.  Here are just a few things I’ve been involved in this week.

 'busy' photo (c) 2004, Pawel Loj - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

1.  I got to work Monday and the computer wouldn’t turn on.  Not just the Internet was down.  The whole computer wouldn’t turn on.  No power source.  My job relies heavily on the use of a computer, so I had to get creative to find stuff to do.  My desk was actually clean for a while.

2.  I applied for financing to buy a new car.  I got approved for 0% financing.  For those of you who know my story and how I’ve fought with debt over the last ten years, then you know how big of a deal this is.  I just about started crying.

3.  I started negotiations on a car.  We’re not together on price yet, and I don’t know if we’ll get there or not.  I don’t have to buy a car yet.  I think I’ll wait it out a little.  I’ve just decided I absolutely will not finance over a certain amount, and we’re just not there yet.  They’re gonna want the ’11s off the lot sometime soon, right?

4.  Wednesday my computer got fixed.  That’s when my desk got messy again.  I think the computer makes me less organized.  It makes it possible for me to do more things at once, so I’m less organized and less focused.  Maybe not such a great thing.

5.  Tuesday Bridget weighed and measured me at bootcamp mainly because we were both too excited to wait much longer.  It was a good day.

6.  Thursday I announced the results from the measurements on Run With The Big Girls, my other blog.  Be sure to head over there and check it out.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting some more before and after pictures on there if I can get my hands on some.

7.  I got most of my Christmas shopping done.  I’m heading out to do some shopping over the weekend, so that should finish me up!  I’m so glad.  Now I’ve just got to start wrapping.

8.  I put a new theme up here on the ‘old blog.  I’ve got a guy working on a logo for this one and the other.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to add some color.  But for now, this is how we’re gonna roll.

9.  Somehow I recovered from last week’s workouts.  As of Saturday, I didn’t really think I would, but by the time Tuesday rolled around I was ready to go!

10.  Got to tell my mom happy birthday yesterday on her 55th birthday.  I thank God every day that I have her and my dad in my life!  Love you guys!

So there’s a short synopsis of my week.  How did yours go?


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  • Bethany Meeks

    Mine was fantastic. I completed all my requirements for graduation this week. Eight days until I have to change the name of my blog.

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to hear the new name!

      • Bethany Meeks

        Me too! I have no idea what it will be changing to.

      • How about just Confessions of a Chiropractor?