My Grown-Up Christmas List

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So I’m assuming that we’re all adults here, so I’m just going to ask you what you’re asking for for Christmas.  I’ll start:

So there’s my list.  I’m not going to get all melodramatic on you and tell you I’m wishing for peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  I think that should be an everyday wish not just at Christmas.  So now I’m asking you:
What’s on your grown-up Christmas list?


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  • Amy_book

    socks, a coat, mary kay products, gas money — all very exciting 😉 But, I will be super excited to get any or all of that anytime!

    • Other than the Mary Kay and the coat, I’m always up for those, too!!

  • TobyMac Christmas CD, New hand mixer, Watches from Hello Somebody, coffee from Land of 1000 Hills, a couple other products from companies that help, an e-reader, and sweaters.

    I’m not sure if said all that out loud to people or it was just in my head. The only thing I’m dying for is a watch from Hello Somebody.

    • I love my Hello Somebody watch. I just wish I’d gotten it in a different color! I have a black hoodie of theirs, too, that I love. Sooooo comfortable!

    • I love my Hello Somebody watch! (Mine is lime green–imagine that!)

  • Direct quote from my the list I gave my mother.

    “Cookie sheets, Season 7 of House, children’s books, a foam playmat, small plastic toys.”

    I later added, “one of those bead maze things that all the other doctor’s offices have.”

    Of course cash is always acceptable and if someone wants to make a loan payment for me or come be my patient those would also be acceptable.

    • I had to think for a minute on the kids’ toys and stuff. I’m a goober…So when do the loan payments start?

      • My first student loan payment is due in June.

      • That’s plenty of time to win the lottery and pay it all off…

  • No one’s asked me for a Christmas list, so I haven’t really thought much about it, but if they did, I would probably tell them: Land of a Thousand Hills Thai La Mai coffee, a remote starter for my Jeep and…I don’t know what else–preferably something that directly benefits someone else, like beads from Amazima or a purse from Freeset. Oh, and some whirled peas. Yeah, I’d pretty much settle for just that. 😉

    • Well, I didn’t get you any of those, but you’re gonna love what I did get you!!!