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I’m having a little trouble coming up with a topic for today’s post.  I don’t know if it’s that I just need to take a day to rest or what, but my mind is not completely working right now.

So here’s the deal.  I want you to look around the room that you’re in right now and list 10 things that you see.  Don’t get up and walk around.  Just stay where you’re at and let me know what you’re seeing.

I’ll go first:

1.  My computer.  It’s a Toshiba laptop.  Probably my last PC.  My next will be a Mac.

2.  A picture of me and the other bridesmaids and the beautiful bride at my friend Cathy’s wedding.

3.  Chuck Seasons 1-3 on Blu-ray.

4.  A picture on my wall that says: “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. ~ Abraham Lincoln”

5.  Nintendo Wii and games.

6.  Gilmore Girls Season 1.  That reminds me I need to finish watching that and get it back to Bethany.  🙂

7.  My Bible.  I try to keep it pretty close at all times, but especially when I’m sitting here writing.  You never know when a verse is going to pop into your head that would fit perfectly in a post.

8.  I think I have four or five cups sitting around here that I just need to pick up and take to the sink.  Maybe tomorrow.

9.  My feet.  They’re propped up in front of me.  I’m relaxing.

10.  My bookcase which holds all my favorites.  I only keep physical copies of books by my favorite authors since I have my Kindle, so that means books by Jane Austen, Terri Blackstock and Dee Henderson to name a few.  Still between the three there are quite a few books in there.  I’ll have to see what else I’ve got.  Saturday might be a good day to go for a run and read.

So now it’s your turn.  Give me a little glimpse into your day today.  Remember, don’t get up and walk around.  Just stay where you’re at.

What do you see?

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  • 1. Students working.
    2. Students not working
    3. Computers
    4. Clock
    5. Computer cord
    6. Recycle Bin
    7. Boxes
    8. Old PA system box thingy
    9. Cake
    10. Fire Extinguisher

    • So you read your blogs at work, too. Sweet 😉

      • Andrea Ward

        Normally yes. I don’t often get much free time at home to read them. Normally i get to work early and read them before school starts. I just didn’t have the time to reply until that class was mostly working in the computer lab.
        This morning I just happen to be up before everyone else.

  • Michelle Woodman

    What a fun idea!

    1. A fiber-optic Christmas tree.
    2. Small snowman robot.
    3. A tiny TARDIS/USB hub. 😉
    4. A picture of me and my sweetie.
    5. Ruffles sour cream & onion chips.
    6. My Bible.
    7. A Disney Princess picture my nieces coloured for me as a Mother’s Day gift.
    8. An chair that used to belong to my grandma.
    9. Some favourite cartoons on my bulletin board.
    10. Some favourite quotes from “The Office” on the same bulletin board. 😉

  • 1. My new iMac.
    2. Cap and gown. Freshly pressed.
    3. Graduation schedule.
    4. A box waiting to be packed with clothes.
    5. Bare walls.
    6. An air mattress.
    7. Packing tape.
    8. a boat load of free stuff from vendors that want my business.
    9. An hour glass.
    10. A backpack.

    • I’m so jealous of the new iMac!! Congrats, Dr. Meeks!!!

      • Thanks! The new iMac is for the business. I think that’s a good excuse.

      • Hey, as long as it’s justifiable, it’s always a good excuse to buy a new computer!

  • Book Kathy

    1. It’s 1:30 AM and I am awake and waiting to see my daughter get home fromwork. Soon.
    2. A fully lit Christmas tree
    3. Stockings hung by the bookcase with care.
    4. A book I just finished tonight…Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, a YA novel.
    5. My kindle….I intend to start on Fahrenheit 451 next
    6. A photo from my son’s wedding…it’s a really cute one with the entire wedding party.
    7. The Dora book that Karoline left here yesterday.
    8. This laptop computer
    9. The fuzzy red blanket I keep on the couch even though it leaves red fuzz on my clothes.
    10. A wooden Nativity on the floor where the grandgirls can reach it to play with it.

  • 1. The unwatched Netflix movies I just uncovered from a pile of clutter on my table.
    2. My beautiful Christmas tree with lots of handmade and family heirloom ornaments.
    3. A Norman Rockwell paint-by-number painting done by my uncle a long time ago.
    4. Keith.
    5. Embroidery thread, flannel, needles, and my almost-finished Christmas ornament gifts.
    6. Pissy the cat.
    7. A mostly-broken computer mouse that I haven’t been able to give up yet, even though I have a new one just waiting to be tried.
    8. A book of Ansel Adams photography. 🙂
    9. One of my camera bags.
    10. A bouquet of fresh Christmas-colored flowers.

  • Lucy Ruhl

    1. My coffee cup that I am drinking from.
    2. A lint roller I need to put away.
    3. My camera case with my new camera in it that replaced the one that got ruined at the river this summer.
    4. My HP computer monitor.
    5. My Kodak printer. (I don’t have a laptop. I have a separate monitor, tower & printer – I know, dinosaur!)
    6. My 2011-2012 planner.
    7. A picture of me & my husband the day we were married. My how we have changed.
    8. My daughter’s Upward registration form.
    9. A Christmas ornament that needs repaired.
    10. A cinnamon scented candle with its wick aglow.

    • That sounds like a pretty good spot to be! Hope you get to stay there for a while!