Repost: 10 Reasons I Suck At Being An Adult


If you’ve been reading the last few posts, you’ll remember I’ve decided to make Friday a weekly theme.  I’m going to call them the “10 Things” posts.  That is until I can only think of 8 one week, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.  So here it goes.  I just decided to get right to it and air all my dirty laundry so you really know who you’re dealing with.

Here goes.

1.  Speaking of dirty laundry.  I hate it.  I don’t sort colors.  I wash everything on warm unless it’s new, I don’t own and iron and there’s no way I’ll ever use bleach again.  Give me Downy Wrinkle Releaser or a wet towel and my dryer any day of the week to get my “ironing” done and I’m a happy camper.

2.  I have no problem letting dishes pile up in the sink until they overflow onto the counter.  It’s just me at the house most times, and I use paper products 99% of the time, so it takes a while.  I don’t have a dishwasher, so the fact that I hate washing the dishes kind of makes it easier for me to look the other way.

3.  I say the word “suck” a lot…around kids whose parents don’t want them to say it.  I try not to, but the way I see it, if my momma has said it in the past, then there’s no way it could be a “bad word.”

4.  Money.  I’m not a great manager, although I’m a heck of a lot better at it than I used to be.  Maybe when I find my other chopstick, he’ll be a lot better at it than I am.  (Yes, you’re going to have to click the link to find out what I’m talking about.  You’ll thank me later.  Well, heck.  You’re welcome.)

5.  I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning.  And then when I do finally get out of bed, getting to work on time is another story.  The mornings I get up at 6 and work out and run myself short on time are the days I get to work early.  The days I get up at 6 and just start getting ready are the days I’m late.  Then there are the days I don’t get up till 7:15 to be to work at 8:00.  I really have no idea how I will function if I ever have children.

6.  Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks.  My friend’s Facebook status:  ”Hmmm….hair appointment coming up….wonder what I would look like with dark hair. I’m not sure if I’m that brave.”  My comment:  ”Do it!! You go dark, I’ll go red…You first, though.”  Seriously.  Red hair?  What was I thinking?  You should have seen the comments come in after that.  I dunno, though.  Maybe it will make me feel a little more sleek.  Will probably make me feel and look like a big goober, though.  But I said it, and I think people are going to hold me to it.  Gotta keep my word.  Maybe I’ll get brave and post pics.  Probably not.

7.  I hate to clean my house.  I have to set aside one day a week to clean.  Otherwise it won’t get done.  Some days it still doesn’t get done.  I’m fixing to go room-by-room and do a deep cleaning.  I figure one of those a year will be good.  I can surface clean and hide in closets the rest of the time.

8.  I leave a lot of projects half-done.  I’ve still got a quilt I’ve embroidered for my nephew’s first birthday to finish up and give to him.  He’ll be 3 in October.

9.  If I’m in the middle of a good book or a good show on TV, you can forget having a conversation with me.  I can’t concentrate anymore with background noise.  I used to be able to have the radio on, the television and still be able to do my homework.  I need silence now.

10.  Organization.  You should see my desk at work.  And my desk at home.  And my closets.  Oh, and my drawers.  My refrigerator.  My cabinets.  My bookcase.  But that’s all right.  I compartmentalize.  My office at home is a mess?  Don’t go in there.  Easy enough.  It’s only when the piles get too tall on my kitchen table that I finally decide it’s time to clear some things out.

That’s the way my life works.  I work a lot.  I play a lot.  But when it comes time to do the not-so-fun stuff, I ignore it until I can’t any longer.  If I keep too busy and don’t give myself any rest time, my body shuts down.  It’s like it’s saying, Julie, you just can’t do this to me anymore.  So today we’re going to stay home.  You’re not going to feel great, but you’ll thank me tomorrow.

It’s in those times of rest and quiet I realize how lucky I really am to be able to work and to be able to play.  And even to be able to clean!

Do you suck at being an adult?  Why?

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