One Of The Bible’s Biggest Sellouts

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Let’s face it, being a sellout is not the kind of title you want to end up having.  When we think of Biblical titles that we would like for someone to use to describe us?

Man after God’s own heart would be what I would pick.  Or woman in this instance, but you get the picture.

But using the titles of sellout and man after God’s own heart to describe the same person seems like a little bit of a stretch.  And while if you search the concordance, you’re probably not going to find the term sellout anywhere in there, you will find story after story of the failures and the victories of this guy named David.

I think King David is one of the coolest people.  He was a warrior.  He was faithful.  He was an incredible leader.  And an even better friend.

His life was messy…just like ours.

He screwed up a few times….just like us.

The difference between us and King David is that when we screw up, we’re worried about the people that are currently around us remembering how big of a screw up we were.  We’re worried about it going on some sort of permanent record that will vanish with us when we die.

David?  His went in the Bible.  

Yeah.  It’s been around a few years.  A lot of people have read it.

And sometimes in my head I create these stories and characteristics of the Biblical people and I put them on this pedestal and think that, sure, they can be called a man after God’s own heard because look at what he did.  It’s so easy for us to only compare our lives the the great and incredible things that God did through these people that we forget that David was an adulterer and a murderer.  Paul slaughtered Christians.

Yes.  God moved mightily in their lives and their sins were forgiven and they have incredible stories that were written down for generations to read and learn and grow.

But we forget where they came from.  

We see the awesome things and know that we’ll never be able to compare.

But maybe we’re not supposed to.

Maybe these stories are there to show us how far God can bring us.  Maybe they’re there because God is saying, Hey, you.  Yeah, you.  The one who just screwed up again.  Read about this guy.  See what I did for him?  I can do this and more for you if you’ll let me.

But we have to let Him.  We have to be willing to let God move us and shake our lives up to a point that He is the only foundation we have in our lives.

That’s where these people were.  They were at a point where they couldn’t handle it any longer.  That’s when God stepped in.  He didn’t necessarily make their lives easier.  David was chased all over creation by his best friend’s dad to try to kill him.  Paul was struck blind on his way to Damascus to kill some more Christians.  He was shipwrecked.  He was imprisoned.

But they were both at peace relying fully on the strength of Christ in their strengths and in their weaknesses.  And when we remember the stories of the strengths, we must also remember the stories of the weaknesses because that is what brought them to the places they were.

Knowing Jesus doesn’t make life less messy.  He just makes the messes a little easier to walk through.

Encountered any messes lately?




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  • Right in the middle of one. Growing pains. A few of our teens are finding themselves growing apart and it is a painful process. Drew and I are trying to guide them through it, but it isn’t easy for anyone. Prayer has helped strengthen my faith in this whole thing and I think we are starting to see God move in these kids too.

    • Praying for you, Friend.

      Also, love the new blog layout 🙂