10 Things I Did Over The Holidays


Heya!! 10 Things is back! Here we go!!

1. Christmas Eve we went to my dad’s mom’s house and celebrated with my aunts, uncles cousins and immediate family. There were about 30 of us there. If you don’t know it, yet, my family is pretty stinking cool. We always have a pretty good time.

2. Christmas Day brunch with my immediate family. Definitely ate some of my dad’s wonderful cinnamon rolls. Probably too many.

3. Christmas Day dinner with my mom’s parents and aunts, uncles and cousins. Lost more food and several games of Pinochle…which I’m fairly certain we lost. I’m not the most strategic person when it comes to games. I’m just playing them to have fun. If you want me to play to win, you have to tell me in advance and make sure I’m not headed straight for a sugar coma.

4. I had both Mondays after Christmas and New Year’s off. I had big plans to clean and organize, but spend a lot of time just chilling out…and sleeping.

5. Started The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m almost done with book two right now. I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that this is a series that you absolutely need to read. It’s unlike any book I’ve ever read before. Just very good. Go get it right now.

6. I cheated on my diet…several times. It’s okay because I had planned on it. I didn’t expect feeling as bad as I did. Which kind of makes me feel good. Guess my body is getting used to being healthy. Bonus.

7. New Year’s Eve we went to my friend’s home for our annual party. My team lost at The Match Game, and the night flew by faster than any New Year’s Even that I can remember.

8. I made my famous homemade baklava. Phyllo dough, pecans, honey, sugar and cinnamon. It’s enough of a pain that I only make it once a year, but I look forward to eating it all year long!

9. I totally did not look forward to getting up New Year’s Day and going to church after staying up so late the night before. Yes. I realize how old this makes me sound. But I love my church family. We were all tired. I was a little grouchy. But somehow getting together with people who uplift and encourage each other is always a good idea.

10. I bought a new car! Finally! I can start it from inside my home. The seats are heated, so after my workouts, I can have a little heat on my low back ’cause it’s usually sore. And it’s got Sirius radio for a year free. I’m pretty pumped about it. Especially after driving the car that had been backed into a couple times and had run into a deer. It served it’s purpose. I got out of debt. Now I can afford a car payment. My goal is to reduce 5 years of payments down to 2. Hopefully the real estate market will get hot in the next year! Here it is! What do you think?

So there’s my holiday break. What did you guys do?

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  • Cathysnyder80

    I want to read the Hunger Games soon after I’m reading books for adoption research. Do you own them or did you buy them for your kindle?

    • I got them on my Kindle. Otherwise I’d let you borrow them.

      • Book Kathy

        You can loan books from your Kindle. They go to the other person’s e-mail and they can put it on their Kindle or just read if on the computer if they want. They get to keep it for 2 weeks, and you can only lend each book once. Directions are on Amazon. I read the directions,but I haven’t done it myself yet. Just in case you were wondering.

      • I thought you could only do it for certain books. But I also haven’t really looked into it. I know if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow one a month from Amazon for free. I think that’s a pretty awesome deal.

        I’ll have to check that out. Thanks, Kathy!