One Word 2012: Build


I’ve been thinking for a while about what my One Word for 2012 was going to be.  In fact for a while I thought that “be” would actually end up as the word I chose.  But about a week before New Year’s I started feeling that maybe “be” wasn’t going to be the word for me.  While it’s a great choice and really made me feel like I could just sit and be content  with who I was and be comfortable in my own skin, I wanted more of an action word.  Something that would keep up the momentum I’ve worked so hard to build.  So that settled it.

My One Word for 2012 is Build.

I like the world Build because it reminds me that things just don’t happen overnight.  There is always a process involved.  And some of the time the building site has to be stripped down to nothing in order for the new construction to be strong enough to sustain the elements.

I believe we’re all here right now at this moment because of things that have happened to us and decisions, whether good or bad, we’ve made.  The way I see it, we’re faced with two options:  We can crumble with the weight of the world or we can build.

When you build, you create something incredible out of all of the little pieces and scraps.

Maybe something that seems completely useless will be an integral part in the life you’re building.  Maybe something that was horribly devastating will be the beam that keeps holding everything up.  Maybe the very thing you’re doing right now will set the course for the rest of your life and you’re going to start building upon that.

For those of us who have been stripped down to nothing, we can tell you that if you quit moving and don’t start building again, the weight of the world can so easily crush you.  And we can tell you that this new thing that you’re building is going to be stronger than it ever was before.

If you build onto a weak structure, even the new will become weak.

The only way to really build something lasting is to start at the bottom or to add on to an already strong structure.

So this year my focus is going to be intentionally building my life.  My strong relationships will become stronger.  I will build new relationships.  My work will be built upon.  Our community here will build together.  The momentum that we’ve started, we can build upon and live out the best stories that we can imagine.  And I’d just venture a guess that if we really turned everything over to God, that He will build a life for use beyond any kind of expectations we could ever have.

So I’m going to build.  

There are going to be days that it’s not going to seem like it’s worth it.

There are going to be days when it’s the easiest thing in the world.

But the things that we’re building here aren’t always going to be visible.  And it’s going to be easy to lose sight of where we’re at.  But if we always put our focus on moving forward, growing stronger and building lasting things, we’re never going to stop moving.

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