10 Reasons I CrossFit

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For those of you who don’t know about my other blog, you probably don’t know I’ve started CrossFit.  CrossFit is dubbed as one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is called the sport of fitness.   It pushes you beyond what you think you can do and then pushes you some more.

And I love it. 

And here are 10 reasons why:

1.  Like I said above, this sport pushes me beyond anything I could have ever imagined myself doing.  Tuesday night I decided I wanted to find out what my deadlift max would be…just to see.  You do one repetition at increasing weights until you can’t go any higher.  That’s your max.  I was ready to stop at about 175 when Bridget, my trainer, told me to add 40 more pounds.  My new deadlift max?  215 pounds.  Didn’t even consider that a possibility.

2.  My body hurts all the time.  I know in most cases that this is not really considered a good thing, but I love the feeling of sore muscles.  It kind of makes me feel alive.  Hey, you’re doing something that is testing you to the core, and you’re coming out on top.  You’re doing something that’s making a change.  You.  Are.  Alive.

3.  I love the intensity of the workouts.  Wednesday night we did one called “Fight Gone Bad.”  It looked fairly simple.  One minute each of five different exercises in a row then a minute rest and do that three rounds.  And in the end it was simple…in theory.  It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve done. After I finished I assumed the official CrossFit recovery position.  That’s not me, but you can see why this is my favorite CrossFit move.

4.  Since I’ve started my runs have gotten a little quicker.  I’ve shaved almost two minutes off of my mile time, which was really slow to start with, but still, two minutes goes a long way when you’re running for distance.

5. I’ve run a half marathon, as well, since I’ve begun.  And while we walked some of it, we definitely ran more than we walked.  Before I started, I would have been crawling by mile four even if I’d been walking the whole thing.  Just shows how quickly a body can start to recover after years of abuse.

6.  CrossFit has taught me to never count myself out before I even get started.  When I’m trying to find my max weight to lift, I don’t want to be counting the weights on the bar.  I just want to try to lift it.  If I can lift it, I add more weight.  If I can’t lift it, I’ve hit my max.  Then I count.  I’m always surprised that the weight on the bar is more than I ever thought I could do.  The times that I do count?  They don’t end as well.  Realizing you have strength is good.  Realizing you had more strength than you thought?  Way better.

7.  I’ve made a lot of new friends.  You hear a lot about the CrossFit community.  And it really is a community.  During and after workouts, people are cheering each other on.  Yes, it’s timed, and, yes, you want to get as many reps possible during those times, but you also want your friends to finish well.  I watched the CrossFit Games from last year a couple of weeks ago.  These people were competing for a LOT of money and still when they finished a workout, they went to cheer on their competitors.  That’s total class in my book.

8.  I finally found a workout that I actually like.  Every day is different.  Every day.  You never know what you’re going to be doing.  And it ALWAYS pushes you faster and further.

9.  I’ve gotten to learn a little bit about my strengths and weaknesses.  My arms are pretty weak…at least compared to my legs.  So if ever get confronted in a dark alley, I shouldn’t start punching.  I should start kicking.  Also, if I get mad at you and you see me start coming at you with flailing arms, don’t worry.  When I pull out the big guns, that’s when you need to worry.  Just sayin’.

10.  I feel good…about everything.  Physically I feel better.  I look better.  I have more energy, and the attitude that I am stronger than I realize is spilling over into every aspect of my life and I’m learning and growing every day.

So my advice if you’re looking for something to do to get in shape is CrossFit.  You run.  You lift.  You push.  You pull.  It’s always something different, and it’s worth every penny you’ll spend on it.  You need to find a workout that you love but also one that challenges you.  If you know the routine by heart, then you probably need to change it up a little.

What are your favorite workout methods?

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