Uncomfortably Comfortable

'The Uncomfortable Traveller' photo (c) 2011, Andrew Stawarz - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

We’ve gotten to the point where we’re comfortable.  And some might say that this is a good thing.  And those of you who say that might be right.

But I think we should be uncomfortable with this level of comfort.  

Maybe stagnant is more of the word that I’m trying to convey.

Definition of STAGNANT

a : not flowing in a current or stream <stagnant water>
b : stale <long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul — Bram Stoker>

2: not advancing or developing

Stale.  Foul.  Not advancing or developing.  And we’re comfortable with this whole situation.  At least I am.

Sometimes stepping out of comfort is so hard.  We’ve worked so long to get to this particular place or achieve this goal only to find that along the way we’ve developed several more goals and expectations have been put on us so much so that even though it’s our dream and/or vision to head a certain direction we just kind of want a break.  And sometimes that break lasts a lot longer than we’d intended.  And sometimes we never get out and we’re not flowing in that current or stream or advancing or developing.

We’re stagnant when we’re comfortable.  

And we start to think that maybe those dreams and goals weren’t really ours.  And maybe we’re just supposed to sit on the sidelines and cheer for those who are living out their dreams.  So we just sit and oftentimes wonder what could have been.  We take the bowl of soup instead of the birthright even though every fiber of our being knows what we’re giving up.

Do you think that Esau really wanted a bowl of soup more than he wanted the blessings of his father?  Or was he just tired?  Did taking over the family seem like it would be too much for him?  Or was he just comfortable where he was?

So many times we’re faced with a choice of moving forward out into the inclimate weather or staying in our warm and dry places.  And while warm and dry has so much to offer, there is no way that it could compare to the excitement of living in the tension.

Definition of TENSION

a : inner striving, unrest, or imbalance often with physiological indication of emotion

Sometimes tension is good.  It stretches us in ways we could never imagine.  It reveals characteristics about ourselves that we never knew were there, whether they be good or bad.

That being said, living in tension is not the easy way out.  You’re going to have to test yoursef.  And others are going to test you.  And you’re going to be pushed to your limits.  And you’re probably going to feel disconnected until you get things figured out.

It’s not all fun and games.

But it’s through the tension where you know that you know that you know that God is good.  And His plan and purpose for you is what is keeping you moving forward.  He will take care of you.  He put those dreams and goals within you for a purpose, and He’ll help you see them through.

How do you push yourself to stay in forward motion?

About the author

  • Judy Mosley

    Honestly, for me, I have trouble staying in the present moment. I love sitting in front of the computer (yes, I am that ghetto) not doing laundry, and basically ignoring all the things that I could and should be doing. But, it’s the little things that push me. Like last night, I was trying to pray, but I kept on hearing Donovan and the kids in the background and couldn’t focus. I asked God, “What can I do to draw closer to you, right now?” I felt the nudge to go outside and I did. It was amazing! I heard the birds sing. I was able to really look at my neighborhood. All of these emotions came up and out, basically because I got away from the “normal” things around me.

    For me, right now, it’s the little things that God is having me focusing on: Picking up stuff after I’m done with it, going outside, coloring with my kids, doing laundry (okay, that’s when I watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes), but it’s pushing myself to pay attention to the hear and now, then finding everything else that distracts me.

  • I am very blessed to have a wonderful pastor. I can honestly say 95% of the time his sermons push me. The blogs I read, my small group, my Bible reading help, but mostly it’s the sermons.