10 TV Shows I’m Still Watching

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Last fall I had a post about what TV shows I was excited about for the new season. You can go read that post here. Some of them I’ve stuck with, some of them I’ve dropped and still some of them the networks dropped. Anyway, here’s my list of television shows that I am still watching this season:

1. Bones. They’re on a break now so the main character can have her baby, but I can’t wait for it to get started up again soon! Just a good show.

2. Chuck. I’ve still got the last to shows of the series on my DVR ready to watch, but it was a good series. Just clever and funny.

3. NCIS. No big character changes. That’s good. Lots of new story lines they keep hinting to. They celebrated their 200th episode a couple weeks ago. I’d say that speaks to staying power.

4. Happy Endings. This is just a funny show. A few episodes they hinted that they had a group kind of like on Friends. It’s not on that caliber, but it’s just a good show.

5. Modern Family. This show just never disappoints. If you’re not watching it, you’re a loser. Sorry.

6. 2 Broke Girls. The acting isn’t the greatest. Some of the one-liners are pretty good, though. It’s gotten better since the start, and I’m hoping it will continue to do so.

7. New Girl. This is probably my favorite new show. I’m not kidding when I say that I laugh out loud alone in my house EVERY time I watch it. This is one of my favorite scenes of the season so far. Enjoy.

8. The Big Bang Theory. I never watched this until TBS started showing it. Now it’s my go-to show if there’s not a live show that I want to see. The characters have great chemistry and it’s just funny.

9. How I Met Your Mother. I watched the first couple seasons of this show and then kind of lost touch with it. I started watching it again this year, and it’s still funny. I don’t know why I ever quit watching.

10. Hot In Cleveland. There’s just something about Betty White that makes me have to watch this show. Her delivery and timing with her lines and the humor is incredible. And she does it all with a straight face. AND she’s 90.

So those are some shows that I watch. Most of them are recorded on my DVR and then I play them as I’m cleaning on the weekends or just winding down before bed.

What shows do you not want to miss?

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  • Susan

    Hey Julie, good blog! I love Modern Family, def one of my favorites. I agree, loser if you are not watching. I also watch 2 Broke and New Girl. I like comedies. So cool that you posted a clip from New Girl. I would like to know how to do that. Ok, but my fav comedy on today is BBT. Watched it from Season 1 and it is GREAT. Taking the risk of sound old here which I’m not, wink wink, I will re-watch BBT on my DVR because certain episodes are just too funny not to watch again. I too have lost interest in How I Met but never picked it back up again. I love Betty White and she is amazing but for some reason I just never thought Hot tickled my funny bone quite enough. I enjoyed your post!

    • There’s a “share” button usually under the videos. You just copy and past the link wherever you want it. I don’t know how to upload them from tv, though. You have to mirror them somehow, and I don’t know how to do that. 🙂

      • Susan

        Thanks Julie!

  • Well, I guess I am a loser!! Don’t have a lot of time for TV so DVR everything for later. I am watching Biggest Loser– motivates me in my own journey. I love American Idol(I know –loser!) I DVR Glee though it has lost a lot of steam from the beginning and I am in love with Richard Castle so have to watch Castle!!! I do love Bones and NCIS but watch them sporadically. Lots of shows I’d like to watch but can’t find time. I thought New Girl looked promising so may DVR it and Modern Family and see if they are my thing. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think you’ll like them both, so I would recommend setting the DVR! With most shows they sit on there for two or three weeks for me until I have time to sit down and watch or work on one of my projects while I’m watching. I can’t just sit and watch TV. I have to be semi-productive while I’m doing it 🙂 I try not to watch reality TV shows, although I do enjoy biggest loser. I’ve never watched American Idol and don’t intend to start. Those shows would just suck me in, and I’ve got too much other stuff to do!! Let me know what you think of Modern Family and New Girl!!

      • Will do! You are right –they do suck you in but ,like you, I try to dvr and watch while doing other things.

  • Book Kathy

    I’m such a loser. The only shows on your list that I have ever seen even once are NCIS and Bones, and I’ve never been a regular watcher of either. In fact, news is probably my only regular show and it’s often just for background noise while I’m grading papers. Loser.

    • Nah. I think you’re all right. ;-). I should probably watch more news come to think of it

  • Love New Girl! Schmidt is the best. My go-to shows right now are The Good Wife, Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Parenthood… I’m clearly even more dramatic than I realized.

    • I’ve never seen any of those. I would love to watch The Good Wife and Parenthood, but I don’t want to start the series now in the middle. Not sure about the others. You’re right, though, Schmidt makes the show.