My Jagged Edges


There’s a pillar in the building our church recently bought.  It’s not very pretty to be perfectly honest with you.  It’s got several different colors of tile that at some point may have been appealing to someone.  Part of the brick has been busted off.  There’s still glue left from the tiles that were there that have now fallen off.  And there are some edges that look pretty jagged.

But it’s there holding up the center of the building.   It’s not really my favorite part  of the building, but I don’t know that I want to change it.

Because the pillar reminds me of me.  

There are a few pieces missing.  Some of the parts don’t really look right together.  And some of the edges are jagged.  But it still stands.

It stands as a reminder to me every week that God can use the broken and the mismatched and the sharp edges and do something fabulous.  He’s given us structural integrity to stand firm and the strength to hold others up when they’re not sure that they can stand any longer.  And the pieces that are a little jagged can be sanded off to where they’re not as sharp anymore.

And maybe we’ll take down the tile and get rid of the glue and drywall around it to make it look prettier, but it’s still there doing what it was created to do.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

Fulfilling it’s purpose…jagged edges and all.

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  • Cmsnyd1

    You need to preach some Sunday Jules. Great stuff!

    • Oh, you made me chuckle a little bit this morning. But thank you 🙂

  • Cathysnyder80

    Thankful that God loves us, jagged edges and all!