10 Things This Week


1.  My 5:30 a.m. workouts have been great.  Getting up for them has been more of a struggle than the past few weeks.

2.  I honestly have no idea how the plants in my office are surviving.  They’re dependent upon me for water, and I don’t notice until they’re wilting rather terribly.

3.  I mowed my yard for the first time this year.  It’s March.  Gonna be a long summer.

4.  My baby brother announced to our family that he and his wife are pregnant!

5.  WITH TWINS!!!!  (I’m pretty darn excited!)

6.  Speaking of me being an aunt, my nieces and nephew from Florida (and brother and sister-in-law) are coming home for Easter.  I’m going to kiss a lot of cheeks and tickle a lot of bellies and give lots of candy!

7.  My other nephew that lives here got so excited when he found out he was getting a new cousin, he started jumping up and down and running in circles.  When he found out it was two, that response doubled!

8.  I’ve had a pretty good week in real estate this week.  This means I’ll be going out to Outer Banks with my Mom’s side of the family this July.  I’ve been to the ocean before, but only on the Gulf side.  I’m pretty excited about this trip.

9.  This also means I’m going to be doing my runs on the beach.  How do you run on the beach?  Shoes?  No shoes?  I would think sand would get in the shoes and just wreak havoc on your feet.  Any suggestions?

10.  My friend’s dad had a heart attack and bypass surgery in February.  Every morning I see him walk by my office.  Every morning he looks stronger and stronger.  I’m so thankful for his recovery.  It makes my day that he’s recovering so quickly and walking by every day!

What has been going on in your week?

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  • Definitely no shoes. What is this amateur hour?

    • I’ve seen people do both. I’m just looking for experienced opinions 🙂 And, yes. I’m an amateur 😉

  • Cathysnyder80

    I think it depends on the sand and how packed it is. Some beaches it is really packed down and you could run in shoes easily.

    • And my shoes are kind of different anyway. They like suction to my feet, so while sand could probably get in, not much other stuff could. Good advice 🙂

  • I actually have loads of beach experience and even took up beach running while I was a Cru staff training. If you are running on the beach with shoes on, you are missing out on one of life’s finer joys, and have failed to live a full life.

    • I figured you’d know something about it. You’re kind of a beach bum 😉

  • 5:30am??? You are a dedicated woman! I’ve got to find myself some of those miracle plants you got! Congrats on being an aunt times two!!!

    • Dedicated or crazy. I haven’t figured out which. What I failed to mention is that I’m usually in bed around 9:00 🙂