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I’ve developed a love for personality profiles.  Most of the ones I’ve taken over the past few years have actually led me to learn things about myself that Maybe I wasn’t sure of in the past.  I knew I had certain qualities, but I had no idea how they related to any aspect of my life.

In October when I went to Catalyst a group called Monvee was there handing out a free kit to take your personality profile.  How cool is that?  I got so much free stuff from this conference.  I loved it.  Anyway, I just got around to taking the assessment last night.  I’m curious about who I am and where I want to go and how to get there.  And a lot of times it takes someone or something from the outside just analyzing certain characteristics that makes certain qualities stand out to us.

I’m going to copy the analysis on my personality and what’s in the way of my growth and see what your thoughts are on the subject.  I think it’s very interesting that I have a “Jacob” personality…you know, Jacob and Esau?  Very interesting indeed.  Here is what I just read about myself:

You are like JACOB.  Jacob was a talented and charismatic hard worker.  He was a great patriarch whose descendant eventually was Jesus.  Jacob spent his life striving to achieve great things any way he could.  Throughout his life, Jacob charmed, labored and strategized his way to success.  He found a shrewd way to inherit his brother’s birthright by trading him a bowl of stew, he worked in the fields 14 years to earn his wife’s hand in marriage, and he won a wrestling match with an angel.  He was loved by God and chosen for a great destiny.  That destiny became true when he presented himself in an honest way before God, while following instructions obediently.  

If you have a Jacob personality, typically speaking, you are internally driven to succeed.  Your definition of success likely comes from what you were taught to value, but in the end you will strive to be “somebody,” in whatever way you define that.  You tend to be ambitious, industrious, confident and energetic.  People see you as self-confident as well as gracious.  

You have a strong desire to feel valuable, to do meaningful things and to be recognized for it.  Therefore, you are able to overcome obstacles easily.  You are motivated by affirmation from those around you, by the attention of others and by the admiration of your peers.  You work hard to impress people you know and people you don’t know.  You succeed often and people like to be around you because you believe in yourself.  You work hard to develop the natural talents and abilities God gave you.  Others are drawn to your zest for life, your problem-solving ability and your willingness to be out front.  

You are made to accomplish and perform well. God can use your wiring to accomplish great work for His kingdom. You are a natural leader both functionally and morally because people like to follow and work with you to accomplish great things. You are winsome with others, which helps you accomplish your goals. Your optimism and faith are contagious, and you love the idea of a comeback. Rebounding from setbacks and resiliency are part of the fabric of your character.  

Pleasing people can be exhausting and, at times, confusing to your sense of who you are. It can be easy to manicure your image of strength, even though you may feel weak. You have a tendency toward self-centeredness and caring for others in a way that brings you reward. You are right most of the time; however, you can have a hard time admitting when you are wrong. You can be resistant to constructive criticism if you don’t trust the messenger. When you feel threatened, you will resort to superficial interactions and shallow conversations.

The primary spiritual inhibitor that blocks your frequency:  Deception.  You have a tendency to manage your image by overstating the truth, covering your faults, or avoiding situations that reveal your weaknesses. You may or may not outright lie, but you are tempted to distort the truth to make yourself look better. “Getting ahead” or leveraging your leadership ability for personal gain are potential pitfalls.

Other Biblical Characters Like You: Saul, David, Leah and Abigail.

You are action oriented and fast paced. You are a good communicator and like to be in the limelight.  You are future oriented, innovative, and a visionary.  You are more people oriented.  Harmony is very important to you.  You are spontaneous, flexible, and adaptable.
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So for those of you who know me, what do you think?  Is it right on?  Off base?  

Man, I love these things 🙂

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