Storm’s Rolling In

'Thunderstorm' photo (c) 1997, m.prinke - license:

I’m sitting on my couch.  The television is on.  I’m not really watching it.  I’m just sitting here waiting.

There’s a storm rolling in.

It’s going to be a good summer thunderstorm.  And I love a good summer thunderstorm. It’s been thundering for about an hour.  There’s lightning.  And the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees in the last three hours.  So now I’m just sitting and waiting and praying.

Because we need this rain.

Growing up as a farmer’s daughter, I’ve learned never to take a summer thunderstorm for granted.  Most of the farmers I know have their crops in the field.  They just need the water to really take off.

It’s kind of like that with the storms in our life, isn’t it?  Sometimes, like tonight, we know the storms are coming.  All we can do is sit and wait.  Sometimes they’re long and drawn out.  We can’t really do anything to avoid them.  And sometimes they hurt.

But we need the storms.

Just like the crops in my dad’s fields, we can’t grow without a little storm or a big storm every now and then.  Some nights, like tonight, it makes me just sit back and wait it out.  I’ve got plenty of time to think, plenty of time to write, to clean, to rest.  And it’s good for the soul, even if it hurts.

Because everything looks different after the storms.

Sure.  Some branches may be down. But those are the parts that were usually dead anyway. The parts that needed to be pruned, if you will.

Yes.  Storms are good for the soul. I’m going to try to remember that next time I’m going through one.

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  • Amy Hooper

    This is great! Definitely something to help me through the week. The word thar keeps coming to me is stronger. I feel like that is what God is doing in our lives right now! Thanks again

    • Thank you! I think you’re right. Stronger is a good word to be hearing. Not a fun word to go through, but a good word to work towards!