Without The Senders…

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My friend has committed to spend a year in Asia with a pretty awesome organization.  Sunday she got up and spoke at church telling about her missional commitment and asking for support, both prayerfully and financially.  As she was speaking she said something that made me immediately pull out my phone and get on Evernote to type it in so I wouldn’t forget it.  I loved it.

Without the Senders there wouldn’t be the Goers.

I sometimes get in the mindset that other people are doing greater things in this world than I am.  I sometimes feel like I don’t measure up spiritually because I’m not taking care of lepers in Calcutta or going overseas to a nation that doesn’t really welcome anything to do with Christianity.  I’m just me, sitting here in my hometown, and the only reason I want to go overseas is just for my own personal pleasure.

The fact of the matter is is that I’ve never felt any sort of “calling” on my life to do something like that.

The fact is is that I’ve always felt a strong pull to stay here and support and help send as much as I can.

I forget that God is using me here to send them, and without Him using people like me to send those who are called to go, they could never go.

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you’re not as spiritual as those who are doing mission work overseas.

Just be ready to send them when they ask for help.

Do you ever feel like this or is it just me?

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  • Dorothy

    well said my friend. And don’t forget that a kind word spoken to someone having a bad day, such as the cashier who has been griped at by the last 10 customers, is important too. Being Jesus to the “world” begins with the people you encounter daily.

    • Thanks, Dorothy! I agree. I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind word before. It feels pretty darn good 🙂

  • Amy_book

    I love this! The goers are so thankful for the senders!!
    Also, do I know this friend? Because I’m super excited for them. I freaking love Asia!

    • I think you probably do. I’m pretty excited for her, too!