10 Things This Year

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This is just a list of things I want to make you aware of and things I want to do this year.  I like using my birthday as a starting and stopping time.  It takes the pressure off at New Years.  Anyway, here is what I’m thinking:

1.  Don’t forget to sign up for the 5k I’m hosting on my other blog.  You’ve got 20 days to get ready.  No pressure.  But to sign up you have to click on the little box over on the right sidebar of this site and sign up online.  Also remember T-Shirts will be mailed out by the end of July, so you won’t have them to wear on race day.

2.  I made a list of short-term and long-term physical goals on yesterday’s post at Run With The Big Girls.  I think they’re fun.  Consider this your invitation to join me in any of my goals or by adding some of yours.

3.  I bought a new car in December of last year.  I’d like to have it paid off by my next birthday.  That means you need to come buy a few houses from me.  Or send some my way.  Or list your house for sale with me.  It’s always a good time to list.  Especially now that we’ve got all kinds of new people in town looking for places to live and investors buying all kinds of houses to rent to these new people.  Seriously.  It’s a pretty good market right now.

4.  Due to the impending success of this first 5k, I’m planning on hosting another one next fall.  The money will go to a local organization or family.  I like giving money directly to the people that need it rather than trusting that the money that I give to a corporation will see that they get all of it.  I think Jesus would have went directly to the need after he gathered his friends.  Just my thoughts.  I don’t disagree with going through corporations.  This is just my preference.

5.  I’m booking my tickets to Catalyst, Atlanta, this weekend.  Joy Eggerichs and Bianca Olthoff, two of my favorite bloggers, are going to be presenting a lab together.  To be honest, I was kind of on the fence about going again, but after reading that they were both going to be there, that made my decision for me.  Even if I don’t make it to the whole conference and just am able to hit the labs up, I’m going.  And so far I’m going alone, as well, which won’t be too bad.  Could be pretty relaxing!

6.  I put on my other blog that I would like to run the Nashville half marathon again and beat my last time.  I’d like to finish in 2.5 hours, which would take an hour off my time.  It’s a little crazy.  But as I said there, I do crazy well.

7.  I’ll be able to meet my new twin nephews in about September/October.  These new additions will add tremendously to my spoil-the-nieces-and-nephews fund, but it will be way fun.  It’s always fun to be the favorite aunt.  (and now I’m going to hear it from my sister and sister-in-law…hehe)

8.  I’d like to go on a trip out of the country.  We’ve got some family friends in New Zealand, and that place is on my bucket list.  I’d love to go to Ireland.  You can usually find pretty good deals over there.  A trip to hike the Incan Trail at Machu Picchu is in the long-term plan.  Not sure that it will be next year, but I’d love to do it.  Even if I just go on a cruise and dock in Mexico for a day or so, I think I’d be okay with that.

9.  Finish my book.  Start my book.  Well, actually, I’ve started it.  I’ve just thrown away just about everything I’ve done on it.  It really was bad.  I had the first few chapters done before I trashed it, though, so I can at least say I’ve started it.  I actually have restarted the first chapter again now that I think of it.  Hopefully it will end up better than the last.  But I have to finish this one because there’s another one in the works after that.  I’ve got all kinds of stuff twirling around up in this head.  It’s almost ridiculous.

10.  I’d like to get high-speed Internet at home within the next year.  I understand that I have no power over this, but, man, it would be really nice. I could cut my satellite and only do streaming through Roku and Hulu+ for like $7 a month.  Totally worth it to me.  I could watch a YouTube video without having to go check and see how I was doing on my data limit first.  It would make my Internet life happier all around.

So those are just a few things that I’m going to do this year.

Do you guys have any big plans or goals for the year?

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  • I read something so freeing the other day. “Make it ugly.” It doesn’t have to be good the first time or the second. Work through the ugly to get something pretty. It isn’t easy, but keep working. If you ever need someone to proofread or critique, I’m here.

  • Jeremylail

    I can wait to get my internet hooked up in m new place. Using the hot spot from my phone is getting old. I miss being able to watch youtube video. Good luck on your book. Maybe I will start mine again too.

    • I have a hotspot through Verizon, but it’s too slow for videos and the GB limit is too small to watch anything. Hopefully soon for us both on the Internet and the books!!