10 Things To Do In The Heat


It’s hot.  My car thermometer said 108 on the way home last night.  There is not much you can do without overheating, but I’ve tried to compile a list of some things you should think about trying this weekend while it’s this hot.

1.  Swim.  Just be careful not to get too much sun.  Also be careful that the water is not boiling.

2.  Sweat.  This is not something you choose to do.  This is something you can’t help but do.  But if you’re outside and you’re not sweating, you’re in trouble.  Make sure you’re sweating.  It’s supposed to help keep you cooler.

3.  Sit in front of a fan.  As long as the fan is not outside.  If the fan is outside, it will be like you’re sitting beside a flame.  I set my fans right by my AC vents.  Hopefully at least the air that it will be moving will be a little cooler.

4.  Try to keep the temperature inside your home under 80 degrees.  Your AC might not shut off all day, but it will give a valiant effort.  Just think, even if you keep it at 80, that’s still almost 30 degrees cooler than it was when I drove home tonight.

5.  Don’t turn on any lights open any curtains.  My house is wrapped up tight for the summer.  I have blackout thermal curtains every window but two.  It’s unbelievable how much they help.

6.  Remove any articles of clothing that are unnecessary.  Please don’t answer your door in your birthday suit, but no one is going to think you’re crazy if you’re not wearing your unnecessary scarf.  Or just go naked and don’t answer your door.

7.  Sit at home by your AC vent and read my blogs from start to finish.

8.  Clean out your refrigerator. Maybe you could take out the shelves and just hang out in there for a while.

9.  Catch up on your DVR shows.  This could be that lazy weekend you’ve been waiting for.

10.  Nothing.  The less you move, the lower your body temperature is going to be.  The lower your body temperature is, the cooler you will feel.  As much as I hate this weather, I do believe that sometimes we are given these times to just sit back and relax and enjoy each others company!!

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  • Book Kathy

    Does this explain your absence at the gym this morning? You were missed!

    • Oversleeping explains that 🙂 Planning on doing it at home tonight. I’ve got 50 lbs in dumbbells, so I should be pretty close. I may even go outside to do it to get the full benefit 😉

  • Bethany Meeks

    I’d like to add, come see your friendly (air conditioned) chiropractors office. We have ice packs!

    • ICE!! I can agree with this. Go see Bethany!!!

  • Brendal83

    I read #2 as Swear, oddly enough it fits in that paragraph nicely. 🙂