When It Just Doesn’t Make Sense


'Drought between Spain and Portugal' photo (c) 2007, the Italian voice - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/It’s dry.

More dry than I’ve ever seen.  It could rain two or three inches, and the ground would just soak it up and be thirsty for more.  I look out across the road and see all the hard work from all the farmers around the neighborhood shriveling up.

And it just doesn’t make sense.

I guess maybe it’s not supposed to.  I don’t really know.

I like to have answers for things.  I like to know the cause and effect and all of the possibilities of what can or cannot happen.  I want to know why.  And I want to be able to fix the problem.

But I can’t this time…or a lot of times.

This is where I find it hardest to trust.  These are the times that I don’t really like dealing with.  I want to be able to see things through and fix the problems that happen along the bumpy road toward the destination.

So we’re here.  And I can’t make it rain.  I can’t say words that make it make sense.  I can’t do anything that will bring comfort to your soul.

But I can work to trust.  Trust that there’s a bigger plan that we can’t see.  Trust that the whole world, including us, really is in His hands and that He loves us enough to bring the rain or keep it away.

And it’s hard not to look at other places just down the road that got what they were needing for their problem.  It’s hard not to be jealous and it’s hard to really not know why.

But I can trust.  And I can pray.

And I can believe that it will all work out for our good just like it says His plans will do.

Sometimes I’d just like to know His definition of good…

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  • Is “good” getting what we want or is “good” having the strength to stand through anything? I am so spoiled and I want my way until I remember that this is not our home. I know how you feel from a different experience. I’m praying and trusting with you.

    • Yeah. That’s the struggle. What is good and what is best. Thanks, Friend!