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'Rainbows' photo (c) 2005, jaqian - license: acted like it was going to rain tonight.  Just like it’s acted like it’s going to rain so many days in the last few weeks.  I don’t have crops.  My income isn’t derived from anything dependent upon the rain, and yet the whole situation is depressing to me.  I guess mainly because my parents do derive their income from farming, but it’s just depressing.

But there was one night a few weeks ago where the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and I just knew we were in for a good summer thunder storm.

And there was nothing.

No rain.  Just wind to further dry out the crops and crack the earth underneath our feet.

But there was a rainbow.

Bright and beautiful and so full of promise.

I love rainbows.  I can just sit and stare at them for as long as they last.  I usually grab my phone to snap a picture or run and get my camera from inside the house.  I’ve even been known to get in my car to drive just to see if I can come up with a better picture than the one where I’m standing.  They’re so beautiful.  It’s like everything around it is just illuminated tenfold.

It’s like it brings life to the deadness around it.

And what gets me is that the stuff around it didn’t look dead before.  The rainbow just comes in and brings light to the darkness that we didn’t know was there.

And brings a promise of better things to come.

Life here and now is incredible.  Life here and now is beautiful and wonderful and joyful.

But a life lived fully in the light of God’s promise?

Man, I can’t wait for that.

What do you think about when you see rainbows?

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  • I must be a weirdo! This is the second post in about a week that I have read about rainbows and they were both awesome. I however just think, “That’s a pretty rainbow. Do they end?” And that’s about it.

    • Not a weirdo! I only think this way when I’m feeling extra philosophical 😉

  • rojopaul

    “And brings a promise of better things to come.” SO TRUE. I love it. And rainbows. 😉 Thanks for sharing your perspective!